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The Denver Broncos want Peyton Manning to focus on rehab and treatment

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    Originally posted by CoryWinget81 View Post
    So I've heard a lot about this, read several different stories and thought about it for most of the day.

    I read an article where Archie Manning said last Sunday that he "hates football right now". It got me to thinking, maybe Peyton is kinda feeling that sort of weight. I don't really think Archie hates football, and I don't think Manning does, but maybe this is the best thing. Maybe Peyton needs a break from football altogether. He certainly doesn't look like he's been having fun the past few weeks, and I know for a fact that it's frustrating when your mind knows what to do but your body just won't cooperate. I think a break might be the best thing for Peyton right now.

    As far as mentoring Brock, helping him through the gameplan, etc (something else I've thought of today)...there's just really no reason for it. Brock is in his 4th year. He's had a chance to watch arguably the GOAT practice and prepare since he was drafted. If he hasn't learned how to prepare for a game and install and implement the gameplan, he's in a lot worse trouble than Peyton not being around. Also, they're working on a lot of things under center and other basics of the offense Kubiak likes to run, and I don't think Peyton would be any more authority on that then anyone else in the QB room. Hell, even Elway would be a better person to pick their brain about the ins and outs of this offense.

    Kubiak wanted Manning to take rest days during the week, and it didn't work. Manning is that kind of competitor, that he wants every single opportunity to prepare himself for the game. He doesn't want to come out of games either. Remember blowing out the Raiders and he wouldn't let Brock in the game? You certainly can't force an 18 year vet, future HOF to sit down. It's a delicate situation, I'm sure.

    I think this is much ado about nothing, after further evaluation. Brock is a big boy and should know by now how to be ready for a game, and Manning could use a week or two away from football.
    Awesome post Cory. I think this seems very reasonable and feasible. I'm sure this is very difficult for everyone; especially Peyton. Sometimes I think we forget that these guys are people with real emotions and feelings.

    And not only that, but imagine having this happen while being under constant media scrutiny and everyone reading into every single word and action you take. I'm sure this is not the ending he had in mind. Must be so difficult actually to not just sit out a game or two, but potentially never to play an NFL game again.

    I agree that Brock is a big boy and at this phase should be able to do what he needs to do with the coaches. He's learned what he needs to learn already from Peyton.

    Just on a side note...that Raiders game? IIRC, Manning just wanted to finish the 3rd quarter, it was like 43 seconds or something like that. Brock took the 4th. But who's counting,
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