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Vernon Davis: Osweiler and I connected 'from Day One'

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    Originally posted by FR Tim View Post
    Great interview from 2013. There have been some changes since then.

    Maybe I'm mistaken but there seems some evidence of some negative attitude issues with the 49ers. To his credit it does seem minimal and he has only fit in here in Denver.

    Is it such a reach to look at his last couple years in SF. His holdout last year that did not get him a pay raise. His outspoken comments about how they were not using him despite his lack of production. If I remember correctly something like 50% of his targets led to receptions. His Red Zone production plummeting.

    His comments about the QB this year and subsequent controversy with Staley. Mostly downplayed by SF teammates and coaches but none seemed to be very supportive of Davis either. Compare if DT would have had an argument with Vasquez for openly criticizing Manning after game 5. Would you still be so forgiving? Also the final trade/dump to the Broncos for essentially nothing does not seem very supportive of a longtime All-Pro.

    As I said above, I am hoping this "connection" with Osweiller develops into something. End the season on a productive note. Then re-sign him with Daniel's money after letting OD go.
    Well, sounds like you have a point. Didn't realize all that stuff was going on. No excuses but something really bad and toxic is going on in SF. Lots of people discontented and baling. But as you say, hope he keeps it underwraps if it still is there. Thanks for filling me in.
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