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    Originally posted by TheArtofManning View Post
    Manning may lobby to start, and it could cause problems for Elway/Kubiak.
    It could be a story, that they may want to avoid.
    The Denver Broncos organization is committed to winning. Look at the money they spend in free agency, it's been like that in Denver for a long time. It doesn't always work out, but Pat Bowlen has always been committed to winning.

    Paying that bonus wouldn't be a problem at all if Elway and Kubes think that Manning is the best option for Denver in the playoffs, if they don't feel that way it doesn't matter what kind of lobbying Manning does. It's not like the team doesn't support Os, it may give the media something to talk about, but that's about it.


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      As all players would do. Players who get bonuses for certain milestones would lobby to play in order to get them. Manning would be no different. I don't understand why people act like it would be selfish or whatever of him to do as any other player in the NFL would do.

      It would therefore be up to the coaches to determine whether said player is the best option. If not, they don't play. If so, they play.

      The bonuses were for playing in the ADCCG and the SB.
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        Originally posted by XterraRob View Post
        Manning will rise again.
        sure when his names called in Canton to get the ugly jacket


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          Name manning the starter but physically start oz.

          Everyone wins
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            Originally posted by Garfield View Post
            Fixed that for you

            I might add it was initally behind a really lousy OL. Then after being injured they allowed him to play that way.

            So he was unable to throw like his normal self all year.

            Even mister wonderful OZ is not much of an improvement in the passing game.
            5 tds 2 ints and a rating of 85.8 isnt stellar. However considering we have been much better running the ball and not turning the ball over its much easier to watch that....compared to 9 td 17 ints and a 67.6 rating.

            Manning also has much more experience, something that could possibly help brock as he plays more and more.

            So no.....hes not "mister wonderful" however hes been better than manning, and will likely get better.


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              Originally posted by EddieMac View Post
              Unless Os plays like.......well, Manning, his last few outings..... He should remain the starter.
              Lol yes this !