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USA Today’s headline "The winner of Steelers-Broncos was the New England Patriots".

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    Originally posted by FR Tim View Post
    I wish I could share your optimism.

    Manning is who he is at this point. He has shown very little ability to rise above average all season long. Yes, I know. he has had a few moments of grandeur to make us remember the Manning of a couple years ago. But he can not sustain it. His overall performance has been telling us what he can do all season. We just refuse to listen.

    I hate to be pessimistic, but IMO we watched the best of what Manning is capable of yesterday. I am not expecting anything more against NE. In fact I see the Broncos falling behind and even more reliance on Manning to "make plays" and the expectable outcome.

    Maybe the Broncos will surprise me and grind out another win. Defense will be the key. If they can create pressure on Brady, limit YAC and create some turnovers who knows.
    Tim, I know where you are coming from. For once, maybe twice this season, we can look at yesterday's game and say Manning was not a liability. True, he wasn't great, neither was he bad.

    If there is any frustration it is the same as we've seen all season long: little to no offensive production when it counts, field goals instead of touchdowns and stalled drives.

    Could Os have faired any better? My gut tells me no but you never know. What we can say for certain is that the offense hasn't looked consistent with either QB behind center.

    Our biggest problem isn't who is taking snaps, so maybe PM doesn't need to be taken to the shed this week.


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      Originally posted by Chrissy View Post
      I saw the article last night. I didn't read it then and I'm not going to read it now, mainly because I don't understand gibberish. Folks pay NO ATTENTION..THIS YEAR BELONG TO PEYTON MANNING and the DENVER BRONCOS.. And for what its worth it has taking Peyton 18 years to earn the respect of Skip Bayless, hes w/o is a Brady homer.. People may not care about the guy which by all rights I can understand , he can be a tool better then anyone.. HOWEVER , this week just like the last 2 he is riding the Peyton bus. He hopes for Brady but inside hes knows better.
      I knew in the beginning of the week when the Broncos beat the Steelers SB 50 belongs to them..
      Oh and btw..USA Today had Mitt Romney leading in the poles in 2012 and the next president. lol
      Post of the thread, lol... maybe the whole forum... lol :thumb:


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        Originally posted by Gary_Kubiak
        LMAO, And that means what this year??? Let me help you out with that question. It don't mean a dang thing this season. You won last year because a dumb coach called a pass play on the 1 yard line instead of giving a great RB 3 chances to go 1 yard. Really you could say Seattle gave you the game.
        Seriously, take the smack to the smack forum.


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          Originally posted by Gary_Kubiak
          Really you could say Seattle gave you the game.
          See, you can't make this stuff up. This is why I'm here, to read posts like this.


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            I agree with coach Kubiak, Peyton played good it was those around him that dropped the ball-----no pun intended,Peyton was not able to get a rhythm going for most of the game. Hopefully everyone gets it together for the next two games or our goose is cooked.


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              Same thing happened in 1997 season... Coincidentally, the last time we won a stiff fMe when trailing after 3 quarters...

              Press was already declaring a back-2-back SB run ... Dynasty.. For GB. Denver was able to do what NE couldn't... We shocked the world and won... Even tho they said Elway was washed up and a choke artists.

              Seems like a carbon copy script for Manning...

              If our ST performs like it did yesterday... If we don't turn the ball over and if we get a takeaway... If we limit the penalties... We will have a shot to win the game in the fourth quarter.


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                You beat my Patriots while they were on life support. You have to beat the real deal this weekend.


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                  Originally posted by Freyaka View Post
                  Manning wasn't "awful" yesterday, but he wasn't great. Some of that was the wind, some of that was the WR's some was the o-line. we can't control all of those tings next week, but if the o-line and Wr's do their job and Manning doesn't turn over the ball, we can be competitive next week at the very least.


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                    The headline reminds me of why I started hating the Patriots.

                    I never hated the Patriots until the 2005 playoffs.

                    Prior to that game, the talking heads were acting as though it was a foregone conclusion that the Patriots were going to win. They completely disregarded the fact that the Broncos had a winning record against the Patriots, including Brady and Belichick.

                    We'll see what happens on game day.
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                      So, are we the underdogs with nothing to lose? Good.


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                        If you've watched Denver play we aren't aferrari of a team.. We aren't gonna put up 50..... More like 20-27..... And we'll beat your cocky team by 10.


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                          Tanks like Denver don't worry about speed bumps.


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                            Originally posted by Roddoliver View Post
                            So, are we the underdogs with nothing to lose? Good.
                            I wouldn't exactly say we have "nothing" to lose, like the Dolphins in Week 17. A rare chance to get back to the SB are huge stakes!

                            But being the underdog and the team nobody is picking this weekend is great.

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                              Originally posted by TeamOfDestiny View Post
                              When both teams have been healthy since 2011: NE has won 41-23 (in Denver), 45-10, 31-21, and 43-21. Not really close contests.
                              During the Tom Brady era, New England is 2-8 when playing at Denver including 0-2 in playoff games.
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                                Originally posted by Son of Liberty View Post
                                You beat my Patriots while they were on life support. You have to beat the real deal this weekend.
                                Want to check back and see the Broncos injuries going into that game? Want to check out the Broncos who picked up injuries during the game, and want to remember we had a kid making his competitive home debut as starting QB going up against an undefeated Patriots side?

                                Dry your eyes. You lost fair and square.
                                Renfrewshire Scotland - Colorado USA