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SI Article about Elway - The story of John Elway, architect

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  • SI Article about Elway - The story of John Elway, architect

    Good article going to post some of my favorite parts

    “My first introduction to this life,” Elway said in Denver the other day, “came in 2001, when I sat in with my Dad, who was the Broncos’ pro personnel director, for a month of pre-draft meetings. Mike Shahanan let me sit in on the meetings. I had sold my car dealers to AutoNation, and I was looking to figure out what I might want to do. That month was a great bonding time for me and my dad, hours and hours of meetings, and a great learning experience for me. I remember this lesson from him: Teams are 80 percent players, and 20 percent coaches. He taught me how important athleticism was, and how important competitive drive was. In that draft, I’ll never forget—he loved Drew Brees. He had that competitive fire. And now look at him. That really was a great month for me.”
    Pretty cool of Shanahan to allow this. Only surprising because of the rumors they did not get allong after Elway retired tho.

    The article talks about how Elway's dad died shortly after this and how Elway got to spend some time with his dad.

    • “We don’t draft All-Pros. We develop All-Pros.”

    • “Speed kills. But not 40 speed. Play speed. A guy’s 40 speed might be 4.8, but look at his instincts and how he reacts to plays—that might get his true speed down to 4.6.”

    • “My priority is getting guys with desire and a real heart for football. Chris Harris Jr., came in here undrafted. [The college free-agent from Kansas was the final signee before training camp in 2011 for Elway, for a $2,000 bonus.] He comes in, and right away he’s first in line in every drill. His character, his football traits, turned out to be so strong.”

    • “We cherish the bottom of the draft. We cannot afford to miss a draft, because we want to be good for a long time here, and teams that are good for a long time do not miss drafts.”
    Like the part about not drafting All Pros...need to develop All Pros!

    Shanahan wanted to illustrate Elway’s feelings about winning. So he said he was going to tell a story he has never told before. In 1993, after Shanahan’s first year on the San Francisco coaching staff, Bowlen offered him the Denver head-coaching job. But they were $150,000 per year in salary and a company car apart from Shanahan’s bottom line, and Shanahan was holding firm. Elway found out. Elway said he’d pay him the $150,000 a year, and he’d provide the car Shanahan wanted. “You’re coming,” Elway said. Shanahan felt he couldn’t do that. He couldn’t have the quarterback paying part of his compensation. So Shanahan stayed in San Francisco. Wade Phillips coached the team for two years, then Bowlen got Shanahan to come, finally, in 1995.

    “John didn’t talk to me for a year,” Shanahan said.
    Wonder how different things would have been had Shanahan been HC instead of Wade Phillips...
    Let's Ride!

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    I read this article this morning, and thought it was a great read. I laugh ed when Mike said John didn't speak to him for a year. This team is built on speed, not 40 speed lol. John has definitely adapted to the role better than a lot of other former players have, it's been a blessing having him back in the Broncos organization.