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  • How the Denver Broncos were built

    The amount of free agents from 2015 shocks me

    They only list one player on the trade/practice squad list, Vernn Davis....seems more have come up from the PS
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    Let's Ride!

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    Crazy thinking DT is the most tenured Bronco playing...I'd like to have Clady, (at a reduced cost) back tho so hopefully he has that title next year


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      The "FA" list isn't totally accurate and implies that the Broncos picked up many players from other teams via FA. There are many on the "FA" list that have only played for the Broncos, they were UDFA, for instance Britton Colquitt, Aaron Brewer, CJ Anderson, McCray, Kenny Anunike, Shaq Barrett to name most of those. Also he lists Taurean Nixon as a FA, he was a 7th round draft pick.
      I think the writer should have distinguished between a FA veteran and an original UDFA, of course that might be too difficult for an writer when reporting on the Broncos.