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Josh Norman Tell?

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  • Josh Norman Tell?

    Interesting read, hopefully Manning can exploit this...
    We are going with Plan A

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    I'm not a big Pete Prisco guy, I don't think he knows what he's talking about. I looked at the first video where he described Norman as being "in a head up position" one look at the video shows that he's playing inside shade. Against Dez Bryant he wasn't aligned head up either (like Prisco described) he was playing outside technique.

    On the Bryant play, Norman does a horrible job, doesn't get any contact and completely bites on the slant route. The biggest concern on that (for Panthers fans) should be that in playing outside technique he's inviting the slant and looking not to get beat outside. Allow the slant read the QB, make a nice break on the ball. You can't get beat outside on that, that's horrible corner play. Look at the safety come up like he's going to blitz and then bail into the area where a slant throw would be, now ay should Norman ever get caught inside on that play. A decently thrown pass is a long gain on that play.

    Here's the problem with tells, it is one right now, however all he needs to do is move his hands like that once when they're in zone coverage and it breaks that tell.


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      And if your good those tells can be eliminated by watching video and learning habits
      Glen Haven Fire