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Denver shouldn't host the 2016 NFL season opener

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    Originally posted by theshiverman View Post
    (plus the NFL would love nothing more then to have Newton rehabilitate his reputation on opening night)
    Ya, they've already begun the PR salvage of scam with that ridiculous 'superman plays water polo' pic that ESPN began floating around. Of course, my favorite chicken farmer Von turned that on it's head...for those who haven't seen it, have a good laugh

    "There is no plan B. Plan A is to win the Super Bowl" - John Elway
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      Here's a New England "fan" writer who lost a bundle betting against the Broncos in the Superbowl.


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        Originally posted by Broncoholic JS View Post
        Looking up to the Rocky Mountain West has cut off the blood supply to the area where their brains are supposed to be.
        "Stultum est timere quod vitare non potes." ~ Publilius Syrus


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          Originally posted by samparnell View Post
          Looking up to the Rocky Mountain West has cut off the blood supply to the area where their brains are supposed to be.
          The Broncos at Mile High cause sports writers hypoxia

          Sounds about right.


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            Originally posted by LSIGRAD09 View Post
            Put it on the bulletin board, let's repeat.
            Agreed Guys and we need to start a sticky thread where all Denver Broncos disrespect articles are stored for when the hall of fame and fans of other teams say an "East coast bias" doesnt happen.This piece is so disrespectful and people say dont click on it but the problem is it isnt the odd one or two rogue journalist it is a mass "Denver is second rate" mentality from the media giants like Fox,NFL network etc etc.


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              Article bears no merit. The broncos are moving up as the NFL's most favorite team, now their is some debate on this but even if the respect is not there yet they are getting visibility and people are taking.

              Fact I was not aware of, This will mark the 24th consecutive season in which the Broncos have played on MNF; it is the longest active streak in the NFL.

              All news is not that bad.


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                "What if some guy named Brock was the starter and the star of the team, the reigning champ's defense, produced one of the ugliest, most boring Super Bowls in history, thus making the game itself nothing special? ".

                What if the lightweight NFL media wasn't calculated for casual fans who only look up from their smart phones when somebody scores a TD? What if the issues of the sports world existed beyond the ability of a five second sound bite to properly express their nuances? What if lazy content consumers didn't require the spoon feeding of pablum that this writer insists upon excreting? I guess he'd be out of job. Fine by me. Play ball!
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