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    Originally posted by TheManningMelon View Post
    Maybe if you were Peyton you could answer those questions. But, you're not, and neither am I, so we can't. There might have been some nasty, bad blood between the two as that whole thing progressed. People hold on to grudges, some for good reason, some not. However much I want to get after him for never apologizing, I simply can't, since I'm so distanced from the actual event.

    Sometimes, ya gotta walk a mile in a man's shoes to understand the entire situation. Our culture is the last to behave that way...but it's something I think we should learn to do.
    I just can't imagine a guy doing that to a girl for any reason in public. And I can't imagine a guy writing about it in his book and making light of it when the female was offended by it. Not only that, according to Malcolm Saxon, Peyton lied about it. I do think you're right that there was some really bad blood there.


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      Originally posted by Jim Mora
      That's a perfect explanation of how it happens. Entitlement.

      This is the only behavior the public really knows about. Besides the HGH scandal which I don't know if he took it or not.

      I don't think some of this behavior is really that uncommon for most star athletes with an entitlement mentality. It's common.
      Some real jerks have come from entitled situations. I'm assuming you're an average person like me and never experienced it first-hand. Maybe I'm wrong. Can you imagine getting your way 99% of the time? People pandering to you constantly? People kissing your ass everywhere you go? These players grew up in that environment...some much more so than others. I'm surprised they have any humility at all.

      Oh, our entire culture is becoming entitled (been headed that way a long time). Makes ya think....

      Also, I'm not really sure what went on to begin with, anyway. Some guy who was present during the incident today stated that Manning never touched the woman, and he barely exposed one cheek. Now, I know exposing anything is wrong...but this thing turned into him rubbing himself on her, and it sounds like it was nothing like that.

      Everything in context...
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