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Sources: The Denver Broncos Have Made A Substantial Contract Offer To Brock Osweiler

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  • Originally posted by FR Tim View Post
    I think the word you meant was "imbecile".

    And what you would play for is irrelevant unless you are a professional QB with the skills to do the job.

    From what little details we have it seems to be a fair offer for Osweiler. But we have no clue what back channel information his agent may have. We have no real details of the Broncos offer either. It could below market value in guaranteed money or unrealistic incentives. Right now it is a media move by Elway to create some pressure and give the fans a feeling he is "doing all he can" .

    Professional athletes are so far out of "normal" standards for salary. I think some fans have no sense of reality. Not sure what business you are in but would you take 20% less to stay at your current job? Would you be excited about a promotion, increased prestige and 20% salary guaranteed increase with a rival company. Or do you love your current boss location and position so much you are willing to give that "home town discount" to stay? Every man and woman has to decide that for themselves.

    Even if this 3yr/$45M contract is close. You realize that would still make him outside the top 20 of what QBs get paid. We can argue all day whether Osweiler belongs in the top 20 performance wise not just this year but also considering his potential.
    Nice analogy.

    I work for an Engineering firm. If I had only recently "Started" for that company, and by taking 20% less today it would add to the strength of my Department with the potential of growing the business, getting new clients, and making Top Dollar in two or 3 years, versus going to a lesser Engineering firm, with little infrastructure, substandard talent, and a reputation of not being a top of the line organization, you're damned right I'd take less money, today.

    But then again, I'm more of a "Big Picture"/"look to the future" kind of guy who has some confidence in the job I do.


    • Adam Schefter ‏@AdamSchefter 12h
      Brock Osweiler may indeed resign with Denver. But that, at this time, is far from a certainty. Other QB-needy teams will make this tough.
      Well, he said he wanted to stay and play for the Denver Broncos. If the contract offer is true, it's more than fare, and I like Elway's approach, "this isn't his big contract, not yet." He's getting more than Nick Foles, at $12.27, He's not getting Kurt Cousin's money. If he wants more, well, what he said is hogwash when he said he wanted to stay in Denver. Again, what we offered him is a fare deal ... anymore, he can walk. He still has much to prove IMO.


      • I went back and re-watched the first Patriots game last night.... I remember at the time, I thought he played pretty darn well... but now that I went back and watched it, I think it was just because my expectations (and everyone else's) were so low. We saw him as a player who had only one NFL start, no one was expecting him to do anything. So when he did a LITTLE something, we all convinced ourselves he played great.

        But watching the replay with no emotion, I was surprised at how BAD he actually played. I mean, yes he was good for someone who was just playing in their second NFL game ever, but compared to a starting NFL qb, he was downright awful. He literally only had one successful drive in the first three quarters of the game. And then he did absolutely nothing until late in the fourth quarter. And even the fourth quarter wasn't very good for him. He only made like 3 good throws, they just happened to be very opportune throws. CJ Anderson deserves a lot more credit than Osweiler for that win

        You could legitimately compare that game to the average "Tebow game" during the "TebowMania" year. It was basically the exact same way we won games with Tebow as qb. "Offense literally does nothing almost the entire game, however defense plays out of their minds and keeps the game close, some bizarre breaks occur to give the Broncos a chance to win [Pats player muffing the punt in the fourth quarter when we were down by 14] [phantom holding call against McCourty when Osweiler gets sacked in the redzone down by 7 with 2 min to go] [CJ juking the entire Pats defense and running 50 yards for a touchdown on third down in overtime] [Tebow/Osweiler subsequently given 100% of the credit for the win, as if they did it singlehandedly]

        And the scary thing is, he REGRESSED after the Patriots game. The Patriots game was arguably his best game of the year. Seriously, go watch his games again and tell me what in his play has justified him making a starting NFL salary next year. Also tell me if they don't look exactly like the Tebow games, in terms of how we won them. Osweiler is basically Tebow right now. I mean, he throws a prettier ball than Tebow, but his production has been pretty much the same.

        I really don't think he can read a defense better than Tebow, either. Even Collinsworth kept mentioning how if his first read was covered, he would panic and just hold the ball too long. This led to a LOT of avoidable sacks and tipped balls that were an inch away from being strip sacks (defender would hit the ball right as it was leaving Osweiler's hand). Often times he would just break out of the pocket and try to scramble for a first down, even when he had good protection and there was no running lane at all
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        • Brock didn't "REGRESS", teams had tape on him after the Pats game. It happens. Brock was off to a great game against Pittsburgh, and had major OL breakdowns against the Raiders. Again, it happens. The other team gets paid to play as well. Do I think he is worth 4-5 years at $60MM, no, but he is worth what the Broncos have offered and may get more.
          We are going with Plan A