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Brady is potentially having his suspension reinstated

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    Originally posted by chad72 View Post
    That would make it 4 out of 5 times the Brady-Peyton playoff winner winning the SB.

    2013 was almost like fool's gold, the Seahawks were just too strong. The 2014 Seahawks squad and D was not as healthy or potent as the 2013, IMO.
    Dont tell Patriots fans that, they think it was the same defense/team.


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      I doubt anything happens but hope it does just because i love seeing angry Pats fans.


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        I gotta say, it would be funny if Tommy boy, after getting beat up during his "revenge tour," ended up getting suspended anyway. He made his bed, hopefully they make him sleep in it. I bet Goddell is getting tired of losing to the damn Union lol.
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          Originally posted by ERoyal248 View Post
          Dont tell Patriots fans that, they think it was the same defense/team.
          Yeah, Jeremy Lane gets an INT off Brady, then gets his knees taken out by Edelman in quarter 1. It helps Brady pick on his sub the entire game.

          Next, while Avril was in the game along with Bennett, the lead ballooned to 24-14 and Avril got flattened by Bolden, I think, in pass protection and left with a concussion mid 3rd quarter. Earl Thomas and Kam Chancellor, two key pieces in their secondary, were playing with injuries and eventually had off season procedures to address the same.

          Their DL that was 7 or 8 deep from 2013 had already lost 2 pieces to free agency (then add the Avril concussion), plus their best nickel CB Walter Thurmond from the previous year (then add the injury to nickel CB Jeremy Lane early on), and they did not have Percy Harvin for the element of speed that they had vs the Broncos, which would have been deadly to go along with Marshawn Lynch for reverses and fakes.

          All of those are facts.

          If there was one thing the Patriots did was scheme better, and fight fire with fire, and stand up to the Seahawks bullies on the field with their own bullying and DB contact with Revis and Browner, something the Broncos did not have in 2013 SB. The attitude was a big difference, the execution was aided by enough injuries on the Seahawks side, still gotta give props to making the plays when they had to, I can't objectively take that away from them.