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Broncos trade for Mark Sanchez

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  • Originally posted by majicman067 View Post
    To be fair to Sanchez what receivers has he had. Santonio holms??? The rest I don't believe are even on rosters. So that,didn't help text cause. And what about running back while he started. Not saying he will be good. But her only gave up a 7th which ain't Jack. ANd he has more in Denver than ever has had
    It's too early to say exactly what Sanchez is. $5 million is not starting QB money, more like a starting O-Lineman... wait?!... hey... Elway you sneaky dog, you.


    • Originally posted by Freyaka View Post
      Sanchez buttfumbled it on the way over.
      I'll just order another - give me a Fitzarita.


      • He will be holding a clipboard most likely but we need an experienced backup to come in and at least not blow a game if our starter goes down.

        Its either that, or he's trade bait for Chip maybe.

        Defense wins championships


        • I find it funny with all the world is ending posts first off do any of you know for sure that Sanchez will be the starting qb when the season starts? I read people saying Elway made a horrible decision... that's funny cuz I think trading a 7th round pick in next year's draft for a potential starter is actually a smart decision. I personally believe Sanchez is more of a bargaining chip in that now the 49ers can't say well you don't have a starting qb so we want your first or whatever. And I'll say this I am a lot more confident in mark Sanchez and his 4.5 million dollar contract than I would have been with Osweiler and the ridiculous money he got. (Also keep in mind we did not have the cap room to sign Osweiler to that money)