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Gary Kubiak: 'We need to find the next Brock Osweiler'

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    Originally posted by samparnell View Post
    That's what Northwestern calls the position Dan Vitale plays.

    We'll see what Kubiak has in mind for a Fullback. If he plans on using one often, he may want two for depth.

    In 2011, Spencer Larsen was injured in the first playoff game. As a result, when they went to NE*, they couldn't run over half their rushing attack because they couldn't get into the I.
    I was referring to Dan when I posted that. I suspect that Kubiak would run with a main FB/TE hybrid as has been his tendency in most recent years and I then expect that he will continue to groom Juwan for this year at least to fill in as a backup. That should, in theory, allow for a plan B in the scenario where our main FB gets hurt.

    Originally posted by Thors Hammer View Post
    Watt lined up in the backfield as well as the TE position. He was an All American LB, so he wouldn't be a liability on special teams either.
    Watt could be nice but not sure how he was at catching from the backfield. His previous experience at LB would likely come in handy on ST as you suggested though.