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    Originally posted by TheLumberjacks View Post
    My opinion is who cares. The Broncos are Super Bowl champs. They should focus on that.
    lol. Not what the coaches told 'em.
    2nd day of OTAs...
    Kubiak assembled the entire team...
    told 'em Coach Kollar wants to talk to ya.
    Kollar spent the next 10 minutes screaming so loud
    the press corp could hear him outside the facility.
    He told them all to FORGET SB 50. those days are over.
    Just STOP it... He screamed. This is time to think about #51.
    Seriously . I heard seceral reports that Kollar
    yelled and screamed for 10 straight minutes.
    I doubt the players gonna be dwelling on #50.
    Coach Kollar helped 'em turn the page.
    - Go Broncos 2017 and Beyond! -

    Super Bowl 50 CHAMPIONS!