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Horse Tracks: Denver Broncos ranked 6th best franchise in NFL

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  • Horse Tracks: Denver Broncos ranked 6th best franchise in NFL

    In a ranking by The Score of General Managers, Head Coaches, Coordinators and Owners, the Denver Broncos came in 6th overall. The people doing the ranking are clearly New England Patriots fans on the side and did not factor in things like upholding the integrity of the game when deciding their rankings. However we'll overlook that Patriots nonsense and focus on the Broncos here.

    Overall: 6th

    John Elway may prove to be equally great as a general manager as he was as a quarterback, while Gary Kubiak elevated a top-notch defense to Super Bowl glory. Denver is proving to be the picture of modern stability. - Srinivasan

    This was the cumulative ranking given based on how well each major cog in the franchise is run, from owner to coordinators. The Patriots were obviously number one overall here.

    Coordinators: 4th

    OC: Rick Dennison

    DC: Wade Phillips

    Dennison has long-found success working alongside Gary Kubiak, and some offensive-line upgrades should give him the opportunity to bring a stronger running game to Denver. As evidenced by the utter dominance of his unit en route to a Super Bowl 50 title, Phillips is arguably the NFL's premier defensive coordinator. - Wilkins

    I would be hard pressed to Wade Phillips anywhere, but first, so it would appear Dennison knocked him down a few notches as a group. And wouldn't you know it, the Patriots are number one overall here too.

    Head Coach: 11th

    Kubiak's 61-64 record with the Texans doesn't factor in here. In his lone season with the Broncos, Kubiak won a Super Bowl. You can't do any better than that. - Srinivasan

    Frankly, I consider Gary Kubiak's coaching job in 2015 to be one of the greatest coaching performances we'll ever see from a head coach in the NFL. It would appear his genius is not widely appreciated outside of Denver, but there is no way the Broncos win Super Bowl 50 with any other head coach.

    Oh, and wouldn't you know it - the Patriots get the number one overall spot in this category too.

    General Manager: 5th

    Tough to believe Elway could top his playing days as an executive, but signing Peyton Manning, five straight playoff appearances, and winning Super Bowl 50 is about as good it gets for a fifth-year GM. - Sanderson

    I can live with Top 5, though I'd put John Elway up to the Top 3 at this point. Has any general manager ever guided a franchise to two Super Bowls in three seasons with one team having one of the best offenses of all-time and the other one of the best defenses of all-time. Probably not.

    Oh and look here, the Patriots again take the top spot in this category. Seriously? The Patriots are not very good drafters and pick up scrubs in free agency mostly. Without Tom Brady ... bah, nevermind.

    Ownership: 7th

    A model organization, the Broncos have found themselves in the playoffs an impressive 18 times since Pat Bowlen bought the team in 1984. That stretch includes three Super Bowl titles, and just six full-time head coaches. The necessary structure has long been in place. - Wilkins

    Seems low for a team that has the most wins since 1984, including seven Super Bowl appearances. Actually, as I write this sentence I noticed Jerry Jones is in 6th.

    All credibility lost, but hey, at least the Patriots only got second best owner on this list. Sheesh.

    So anyway, the point of this post is to try to see where each of these groups actually rank. I think overall these people got it close to right. They whiffed on head coach and owner rankings, but were fairly close for general manager and coordinators.

    And yes, it's the offseason.
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    Ownership should be top 3. GM as well.


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      I agree, call it Homerism. but my top three would be Pittsburgh, Denver, and Dallas and day of the week. Packers come in way close too.