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Broncos withdraw offer to Miller

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    Originally posted by Hadez View Post
    Yes the agent can do is completely within his power to only see his side of the point of view and say screw the other side I am doing what is best for my side

    just like the Broncos can do the same and say..."we done....Von we have had enough of this....u playing on the franchise tag.....we will talk again after the 2016 season is done"

    If hardbal is played imo the Broncos win

    Von and his agent should avoid the hardball game at all cost imo or Von may end up playing the next two years for 30 mil...4-5 mil less a year then being offered...and no long term security.

    The CBA was done this way for a reason...and just like the agent can play all his cards...the Broncos can play all of their cards too
    ^ This is another great point!!

    If this agents is not careful and Von comes back and plays under the tag after refusing the long-term deal and gets hurt, into trouble or something else similar to that then his overall value PLUMMETS. Overall by rejecting this deal which is pretty generous - IMO is just not wise on Von's agents part. To be honest if I am Von I am beginning to question this.


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      Not long ago Elway played chicken with Dumervil and it worked out for the best. Let the player have his demands. Offer them what you think they are worth and let him sign or not. Ray and Barrett are waiting and are more than capable of doing the job at a fraction of the cost.
      2016 GM for the Buffalo Bills.


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        Hold your ground John. A team is more than 1 player. I dont care who the player is.

        If Von plays like a champ he will see every dime of that contract.