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Report: Emmanuel Sanders, Broncos deal talks on hold

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    Originally posted by BroncoSynapses View Post
    A lesson that I hope has been learned after how the Malik Jackson, Osweiler and Trevathan contracts were handled. Get me done early if you want the discount. The longer we wait, the more expensive the contract becomes.

    When it comes to malik I don't see how it becomes a Broncos problem.. He left and cashed in. He said he would have given a discount but made no moves with his agent... so Just talk

    Why extend oz early if they don't know what he had? His 7 game performance was bleh with some wow mixed in... I say he is a Texans problem now

    And for what Trev went for... ya that one I will agree they should have sent an offer...


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      It might have been prudent to offer Os a contract after the NE game, or shortly after he started. As for Malik, he played well before last season even started. We could have retained him at a reasonable price if negotiations stated after we signed DT. Same goes for Danny.

      I just hope we learned the lesson to resign the guys we like (we, meaning Elway and co.) before their contracts are soon to expire.

      But I understand the Os issue, hard to spend millions on a guy that you're not sure of.