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Phil Taylor to IR, Winn signed

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    Originally posted by Butler By'Note View Post
    But he can't practice as long as he's on IR and I believe you can only have 1 player return from IR per season. So it would make no sense to stash a guy who has only had part of one practice. Especially when there are other players who won't make the team who can be released for Wynn.

    I think this is just a case of the Broncos not wanting Taylor and they were scared that if they just waived him he would claim he's injured and it would turn into an issue.
    From what I read the new rule allows teams to not name a player in advance to bring them off IR.
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      Originally posted by -Rod- View Post
      Something really fishy happened. I'm listening to 104.3 and it looks like the Broncos put a healthy Phil Taylor on IR because they wanted to take a look at Winn. It's like they're stashing Taylor and will have a NT available to activate during the season if something happens to Williams or Kilgo. Unless... They release Taylor with a settlement.
      Originally posted by samparnell View Post
      Now that anyone can return from IR, they may stash several guys there.

      Right to both points. I think it is far more likely a combination of the two. Taylor was not ready to practice and they had an opportunity they could not pass up with Winn. The best players will play.