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Pro Football Hall of Fame: Top candidate for each AFC team -- TD

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    If TD played on an east coast team he would have been in a long time ago. Its the hall of fame not the hall of longevity. TD was dominant in the mid to late 90s when there were guys like emmitt smith and barry sanders still running.


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      Originally posted by broncoslover115 View Post
      I don't understand why they hold longevity against him. He was GREAT when he was playing. It shouldn't matter. Jerome Bettis had a longer career and he still doesn't hold a candle to TD's accomplishments in my opinion.
      He wasn't great. He was THE BEST. over the 4 years of him being a fulltime starter, he was the best RB in the league. better than emmitt and barry sanders.


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        Originally posted by ChupaThingy View Post
        I literally went on a rant last night on an ESPN article where Kevin Seifert was talking about TD being a deserving candidate for the HoF. A bunch of those bafoons in the comment's section were downplaying his candidacy because of his overall career length. I argued that he was so good in the playoffs that it ought to give him special consideration for the hall... Here's what I wrote....

        Regarding Terrell Davis, Kevin Seifert makes ZERO mention of how otherworldly dominant Davis was in the playoffs. Not against any random bum team, but playoff teams.

        TD is tied with Emmitt Smith for the NFL record most career playoff games rushing for 100 yards, at seven games. Davis did that in eight games, the 1st stopping short at 91 yards. Smith? 17 games to get seven. Only Josh Riggins of Washington was remotely as efficient in the playoffs as Davis, six 100 yard games in nine attempts.

        TD alone holds the NFL record for most 150 yard rushing games in the playoffs, at four. No other player did so more than twice.

        Davis is tied for 5th all time in touchdowns, at 12 in eight games. That’s an average of 1.5 TDs per playoff game. Smith had 19 in 17 games… 1.1 TDs per playoff game.

        Davis holds the NFL record for highest average gain in a career (100 attempts min.) at 5.59. Second is Marcus Allen at 5.04 yards average gain.

        Even though he only played 8 playoff games total, he is 6th all time in yards gained (1,140) in the playoffs, with considerably fewer games played than most. Smith ended with 1,586, again, with more than double the amount of games played as Davis.

        Even with his injury shortened career, Davis’ playoff performance against quality teams warrants special consideration for the HoF.
        must spread rep around....


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          It's easy to refute the greatest point of contention TD detractors espouse.... this notion of longevity (lack thereof in this case): Gale Sayers.

          Yep. The galloping ghost is in the HOF... There already is precedence here... TD's career as long as his and definitely, no-doubt about it, TD was more productive (and Gale played in the era of 3 yards and a cloud of dust, while TD played in the West Coast passing era).

          The next argument is the Shanny system factor, or the Elway component... To that, I say BAH! Curtis Martin and Jerome Bettis are in the HOF... Put TD in plz!

          The Broncos had the greatest 3 year stretch in NFL history (most wins)... TD had the most impressive 4 year span as any RB in NFL history... He accomplished the rare feat of 2K yards in a season (and had DEN not sit TD
          most 4th quarters that 14-2 season, TD would have set the single season record)....

          But, what puts TD over the top... Is the combination of hardware and "legacy"... MVP, NFL leading rusher, SB MVP... The NFC won every Super Bowl from 1984-1996... TD ended all that NFC domination and prevented a GB dynasty in the process...

          Next year... LT will be elected into the HOF... He sat himself... Took himself out of the AFC championship game vs NE.... Meanwhile, TD went on to the field in the SB despite being blind... Used as a decoy.


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            Multiple members of the Selection Committee, including Peter King, have explicitly said TD WILL get in soon. I think 2016 might be the year. Of the newly eligible, LT is a first ballot guy, and possibly Jason Taylor. That leaves plenty of room for TD. But the politics of the Selection Committee are atrocious.

            The bias against the Broncos is inexplicable. There are four major criteria: production (#s), greatness (best at your position at the time), championships, and longevity. What I hate most about the Selection Committee is that for Steelers and Packers and Cowboys they are willing to waive multiple criteria. But for Broncos, ALL FOUR criteria seems to be required.

            Lynn Swann had a brief career. In 1975 he had 11 touchdowns to lead the League, but otherwise never led the league in any notable WR stats. He was an All Pro just once. Yet he is in solely for his championship performances. But TD has more yards from scrimmage, more touchdowns, more playoff yards, more playoff touchdowns, and all in far fewer games.

            Simply put, if the HOF allows players without rings because it is outside their control, then the HOF has to allow players with brief (but amazing) careers ended by injury because it too is outside their control.

            Once we get TD in, we need to get Atwater, Wright, Gradishar and Nalen. (Champ is a no brainer)


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              Don't forget Rod Smith and Elam guys
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                Originally posted by HUMCALC View Post
                Don't forget Rod Smith and Elam guys
                Rod Smith is one of my all time favorites. 11000 yards and 68 touchdowns is noteworthy, especially for an undrafted rookie. But objectively they are not HOF numbers.

                Elam was clutch and had a boot, but the standard for kickers is so high I don't think he makes it.

                The real unsung hero is Nalen. From 1995 to 2006 as a starter, the Broncos rushed for more yards than any team in the NFL. He had new RBs every year after TD. He had rotating line mates up front. Nalen was the only constant. But he doesn't get recognized because they didn't talk to the media. But Dermonti Dawson (with Jerome Bettis) and Larry Allen (with Emmitt Smith) are in the HOF as interior lineman. But Nalen had more yards than they did.