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Wade Phillips fires back at criticism of preseason 'blitzing'

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  • Wade Phillips fires back at criticism of preseason 'blitzing'

    5 sacks were 4 man rush -2 sacks were 5 man rush--
    0 sacks were blitzes

    The Denver Broncos' pass-rush was on fire in their preseason opener versus the Chicago Bears last week.

    After racking up seven sacks, some accused the Broncos defensive coordinator Wade Phillips of bringing the blitz in a preseason exhibition — something that is generally frowned upon in the NFL.

    Phillips wasn't going to take that criticism lying down. He broke down the Broncos' seven sacks on Twitter and said none of them came on a blitz.

    The 69-year-old coordinator went into a little more detail when meeting with members of the media over the weekend.

    "Funny how 'experts' don't know a blitz ( 6 rush-5 cover eligible receivers) from a dog (5 rush-6 cover) --there are also pseudo blitz & dog schemes," he said, per Troy Renck of Denver7.

    If the Broncos can collect seven sacks without blitzing, it'll be interesting to see what they're capable of doing when Phillips is allowed to dial up some serious pressure.
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    Well if thats what "they" call a blitz then the bears fired off first by sending danny t after sanchez on his td throw....
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      Blaming Philips instead of the real story which is, the Bears OL is a dumpster fire. Schofield, circa 2015, would have been a major upgrade.


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        Why does the media hate Denver? What is it about the Broncos that we can never get any respect


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          Originally posted by Pack Mules View Post
          Why does the media hate Denver? What is it about the Broncos that we can never get any respect
          Really? Because we keep winning. It is one thing to be an average team that gets lucky and wins a SB once a decade but if you continue to beat up on all the teams year after year you're going to make son fans hate you. Just ask Brady, or Elway of the 90s. Even it you don't win SBs but make it deep into the playoffs you still beat up on a lot of teams to get there.
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            If I was Phillips I would blitz more next game.

            And as a team I would stop talking to any media and their related media outlets even convering this without saying how stupid it is.

            Realize someone has to talk to the media but I would make Bellichick look like Chatty Kathy with my yes/no/one-word-answers
            Time to build on the win and grow the team from some solid play higher level of play