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Why Broncos are going with Trevor Siemian

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    Originally posted by JakeNbake View Post
    He's played one game, I think comparing him to anyone yet is premature.
    Pretty much this. After one game he's Alex Smith. If he has a couple of bad games, he'll be Brady Quinn.

    Carson Wentz is already being compared to Andrew Luck and Jim Kelly.

    Sometimes even a QB's first season can be misleading because coaches will have an entire offseason to study the QB's tendencies and force him to expand his game. We just have to look at 2012 Robert Griffin and 2013-2016 Robert Griffin.

    Alex Smith himself did not become a positive comparison for a QB until late in his career. The 49ers drafted his replacement and gave up on him. Now they would love to have him.


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      I seriously don't understand peoples' qualms with comparing him to whatever individual. Lol. Those that decide they want to compare him to someone are saying that he reminds them of someone. They are not saying they are them or guaranteed to reach their level of accomplishments. It's not that big of a deal for someone to compare one player to another. It isn't like it's going to ruin anything.

      I guarantee at some point in your life you've experienced something and thought "this reminds me of (thing)". Did it mean it actually was that thing? No, it just reminded you of it. You were, dare I say it, comparing it to the (thing).... Even though it wasn't ACTUALLY that thing.
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        First off all we know of Siemian is his talent. If he had what people thought was Alex Smith's talent then he would not have almost gone undrafted.

        Siemian has barely begun to show us the kind of NFL qb he can be. First he is going to see the game slow down and then get a little better as he gets used to things. Then the NFL is going to adapt to what he can do and can not do. Then Siemian is going to have to show the NFL how he evolves to the NFL once they have evolved to him.

        We will not be able to compare Siemian fairly to anyone until he has been in the NFL for years.

        The whole "player A looks like player B" is just a way for the people talking and writing articles to engage the average football mind.

        I hate the comparison to Alex Smith...

        Alex Smith is imo the greatest example of what a team does NOT want in a game manager.

        Dunno what non-KC fans think of Smith but the many 49er fans I know and few KC fans I know think of Alex Smith as fools gold. Looks ok on the outside but once you take a deeper look you realize he is not the qb who will lead a team to the ultimate goal.
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          Originally posted by MHSalute View Post
          Why can't Trevor Siemian = Trevor Siemian? Comparing him to Montana is fine to do as he also looks like a QB that will be more about timing than gunslinger. Alex smith is a horrible comparison. Smith is far more athletic, Siemian has a stronger arm. Smith prefers to work inside the numbers, Siemian seems to prefer working outside the numbers (more faith in arm strength less to process).

          I think 3-4 games into the season, Trevor will start to trust his eyes more and process thing quicker...then we can talk about what kind of QB he will be.
          It's human nature to try and categorize or recognize the unknown.

          This is why people see shapes in the clouds and why people see 'faces' on Mars and why they see Mother Mary on their toast. It's just the way the brain works with patterns and unknowns.

          I don't think anyone is really trying to say Trevor is as good as Montana or these other high profile QBs. But what they're trying to do is just understand and convey what is it that they do recognize.
          The beatings will continue until morale improves....