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The NFL Has Figured Out Trevor Siemian

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    Originally posted by FR Tim View Post
    We have reached the point where it is fair to ask if it is the McCoy's play calling or Siemian's ability to make the play.

    How many counters to the way defenses are playing the Broncos have actually worked? On too many plays where McCoy wins the chess match in play calling Siemian fails to deliver with a bad throw or choosing the wrong receiver. No arguing that the oline has struggled but when there are still plays to be made and Siemian is not making them. Unfortunately with the inconsistency they have been playing with those missed opportunities are under the spotlight even more. Simply can't keep missing them.
    Phillip Rivers wasn't exactly lighting the world on fire with his play either under McCoy. It's a combination of everything. Bad play calling and bad execution everywhere on the field. Miscommunication between the QB and WRs, WRs giving up on routes, linemen getting beat like a drum, RBs not reading their blocks or following the FB, poor ball security, back breaking penalties.

    The thing is though, the talent is there for the most part. The offense is just mentally checked out, it seems like they're just going through the motions waiting for that knockout punch to come. Someone needs to rip into them and hold them accountable. I don't think the offense really respects this coaching staff either and there are no real leaders on the offensive side of the ball. Bolles seems like the guy that is best suited to be that leader but as a rookie I don't think he'll do it.