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Von Miller Hammerhead Shark Incident Under Investigation

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    Originally posted by FR Tim View Post
    Why is this Miller’s responsibility? His fame?

    Sounds like it was handled incorrectly. Isn’t that the responsibility of the guide and owner of the boat? Why would Miller be fined? If him, why not everyone on the boat and in the video?

    Another example of convenient “outrage” for headlines.
    Exactly this........There wouldn't be a stitch of news if someone famous was in that video.....


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      Who ever decided to bring it onboard and take pictures should pay the fine. I think its a $500 fine, pay the fine and move on.
      The guide is responsible unless, he was pressured by the Angler to take a picture with the fish.
      Either way its not that big of deal.

      (They are pretty protective of those sharks down there.)

      Actually there was some random guys in big trouble for a "Shark dragging video".
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        Fl. has a zero tolerance for such acts. In most cases everyone involved is charged. Even if you are only charting a fishing trip, it is still everyone's responsibility to know the laws. Ignorance is no excuse! The stupid thing is they took video and posted it online. The video clearly shows that they could have released it but intended to bring aboard. You can take pics and videos, but you can not prolong the release of the shark, and you can not bring it aboard. The gills should not leave the water.

        As much as we may want to put the blame on the guide alone, Fl most likely will charge everyone involved. Von was the one holding it up. Every man wants proof of his "big fish story", and Von was no different. Only this fish is protected, by Fl law.