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Annabel Bowlen, wife of Broncos owner, announces she too has Alzheimer’s

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  • Annabel Bowlen, wife of Broncos owner, announces she too has Alzheimer’s

    It also all over Twitter.

    Very sad day. First him and now her. I have a heavy heart for all of the family. They are for sure in our prayers. Very classy people.
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    Oh man, as if Pat’s condition wasn’t hard enough on their family. Tough go for the Bowlen family, who by all accounts, are a tremendous group of people. My heart goes out to them.
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      So sad to hear.


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        I prey for their family.

        Alzheimers is a a devastating disease. It is very hard for the care giver.
        My father died of Alzheimers and my sister has it too.


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          My grandfather had it. Really terrible disease and can be very aggressive. Very sad.


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            So sad.

            Prayers to the Bowlen family and all those touched by Alzheimer’s.



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              Alzheimer's and Dementia are truly insidious diseases that attack the entire family, not just the victim. I had the privilege to take care of my mother as she succumbed to bladder cancer, 4 years ago. And the ancillary "dementia" was as difficult as the cancer. The medications, especially the pain medication, exacerbated her mental issues in a horrible way. My mother, and I assume the Bowlen's, had the money for proper care. But visiting family members over the years in Alzheimer wards of Nursing Homes is one of the most heart-breaking experiences one can have.

              And, of course, this doesn't even begin to address the future of this Franchise.


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                Truly Sad for our football family, wish them all the best.