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Chris Harris Will Not Report On First Day Of Workouts

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  • Chris Harris Will Not Report On First Day Of Workouts

    The Denver Broncos will begin offseason workouts without top corner Chris Harris Jr.

    The cornerback skipped the first day of offseason workouts on Tuesday, NFL Network's James Palmer reported, per a source informed of the situation.

    Harris enters the final year of his contract, slated to make $7.8 million in base salary with a $100,000 workout bonus. Turning 30 in June, Harris is hoping for a contract extension. The Broncos would like to address any potential new deal after the draft, per Palmer.

    Ranked as the No. 3 corner in the NFL by Pro Football Focus in 2018, Harris' salary places him tied for 23rd at his position.

    A stingy corner who excels against slot receivers, Harris is the Broncos' top defensive back. This offseason, Denver added veterans Kareem Jackson and Bryce Callahan to its secondary. Harris, however, remains the vital cog.

    Workouts at this stage are voluntary. Harris is not subject to fines for skipping. The lockdown corner is using his only leverage at this point -- withholding services -- to signal to the Broncos he'd like a new deal now rather than later.

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    Harris not at start of Broncos' offseason program

    ENGLEWOOD, Colo. -- Pro Bowl cornerback Chris Harris Jr. did not report Tuesday to the Denver Broncos' offseason program as he and the team began what could be a contract standoff.

    With a new coach in Vic Fangio, the Broncos were one of the first teams in the league to begin their voluntary offseason work this week. Harris made his fourth Pro Bowl this past season (as an injury replacement).

    Harris and linebacker Von Miller are the longest-tenured Broncos players -- Miller as the No. 2 pick of the 2011 draft, while Harris made the team that season as an undrafted rookie.

    Entering the last year of a $42.5 million deal signed in 2015, Harris, who would be an unrestricted free agent after the 2019 season, has made no secret he is seeking a contract extension.

    "It's late in my career and I can't waste any years anymore," Harris said earlier this offseason. "It's time for me to win. I always wanted to retire here and finish my career here, but I'm ready to see what changes and things we do.''

    The Broncos have finished 6-10 and 5-11, respectively, in the last two seasons -- the team's first back-to-back seasons with double-digit losses since its AFL days in the 1960s.

    Harris' value as a defensive back who can line up in the slot, on the outside or even play safety if needed was easy to see this past season.

    The Broncos had clawed their way back to 6-6 last season with a Dec. 2 win in Cincinnati, but Harris suffered a fractured lower leg in the game. He then missed the last four games of the season, the Broncos lost all four and coach Vance Joseph and most of his staff were fired the day after the regular season ended.

    Harris worked diligently during the team's fade down the stretch, and said he "definitely" could have played in the regular-season finale -- Dec. 30 against the Los Angeles Chargers -- if the Broncos had remained in the playoff race. Harris did play in the Pro Bowl.

    Broncos president of football operations/general manager John Elway has said on multiple occasions he would like to try to work out a new deal for Harris after the draft. Harris' representatives and Elway did meet at the scouting combine in February.

    Harris, who has played in 123 games over the last eight seasons, is not expected to report to the team, however, without a new deal. He is the last remaining defensive back from the team's "No Fly Zone'' secondary that was a key part of the team's defense on the way to a Super Bowl 50 win.

    The Broncos signed two defensive backs in free agency -- Kareem Jackson (three-year deal for $33 million) and Bryce Callahan (three-year deal for $21 million).

    The offseason workouts, per the league's collective bargaining agreement, are voluntary. The only part of the offseason work Harris could be fined for missing is the team's mandatory minicamp in June.


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      This is voluntary and I see his reason for being a no-show, they signed Jackson to a 3 year 33 mil deal. I he worth more than CH ? Don't believe so, some times you need to take care of your best players, I understand that it is a business but do the Broncos want to become like others that will never have success in the NFL ?

      If this is the trend going forward (We have lost some great player in the past and it proved wrong the following year.), P.Bowlen would not want this.


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        We'll extend him.... I hope.


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          I hope Elway extends him. He's the best player in the secondary and a much needed leader of the team. You can't afford to lose those. He's worth top 5 corner money
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            Pay the man. He needs to retire here.
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              I hope we extend him. Sooner rather than later. It's only voluntary workouts, but I'd hate for this to drag into TC. If Harris isn't injured late last year we are much closer to being a wildcard team. He's been very reliable, he's a leader, he's a great example for younger guys of how to be a pro, and he's still playing at a high level. It'd be a disservice to Fangio to not have one of the most important pieces on defense being there as he's starting to put the program together.

              Also I absolutely hate what these situations bring out in the fans. Suddenly a lot of fans are concerned that a player is being too greedy. I've seen players who are beloved suddenly get trashed by fans who suddenly think a player isn't worthwhile unless he gives the team a steep hometown discount. I can only imagine if these same people had their salary for their job be public and have to listen to people saying they are overpaid. This happened with Thomas and Miller.

              An extension from us should run in the range of 3-4 years at an average of 14-15 mil per year. Harris already gave the team an incredibly team-friendly deal.
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                I have zero issue with the team waiting until after the draft.
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                  I'm okay with him not being there, and I'm okay with the Broncos not currently giving him a new contract. He's a consummate pro, and he'll keep himself in good shape. Let it play out, and see what happens.


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                    I have 0 issue with him not reporting. But after reupping Wolfe and Sanders and giving Heuerman that contract, I also hope they pay the man. IMO he has erned it.:2cents:
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                      With the rise in contracts today, what ever CHJ gets will seem cheap in 4 yrs. and he has been worthy.


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                        5 years, 54 mil, 33 guaranteed. All guaranteed money paid out int he first 3 years.
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                          Originally posted by Letswinplz77 View Post
                          5 years, 54 mil, 33 guaranteed. All guaranteed money paid out int he first 3 years.

                          Not happening. We just gave Kareem Jackson 11 mil per year. Giving Harris anything less is a slap in the face to him.

                          If it's 5 years he's getting at least 70 mil with about 40 guaranteed.

                          I think we should do something more like 4 years 56 mil with 32 guaranteed, but in either case he's worth the extension.
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                            Chris Harris is one of my favorite players, and I have his jersey because I like his UDFA story
                            and team-first demeanor especially when he accepted a team friendly deal to remain a Bronco.

                            Given Chris Harris' history, I'm sure he will show up when mandatory and play according to his talent.
                            Then next year he can decide to either remain a Bronco or not. I will be disappointed if he leaves but the NFL is a business, and sadly due to certain factors we cannot keep all our coveted players. Due to his history with the team and area, I feel he will regret leaving if he decides to do so.


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                              Not just a great player but a great person in the member of the Broncos community. Hope that he will stay and that Elway will extend him.
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