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Pat Bowlen Has Passed Away

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      Originally posted by Rastic View Post
      Best idea ever!
      GO BRONCO'S !!!!! :lombardi::lombardi::lombardi:


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        I just heard the news...😯really speechless and a very sad day indeed...what a great owner and an even better man. Prayers and condolences to all the family friends and players who knew Mr. Bowlen.


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          Originally posted by Rastic View Post
          I love it!

          I'm getting teary-eyed again.


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            Originally posted by Rastic View Post

            For Sure That Would Be EPIC !!


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              RIP Mr.B!!!
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                Great owner ... RIP Pat.


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                  Originally posted by broncoslover115 View Post
                  Really? They’ve been covering him all morning on Good Morning Football. They put an incredible package together today and gave him a beautiful tribute and played it on a loop for 3 hours about every 10 -15 minutes. They had phone calls from players and other owners, showed Twitter and FB tributes, etc. And they’re going to show all our SB games tonight.

                  Peter Schrager loved Mr. B. and wanted him in the Hall of Fame and was one who felt he should have been in years ago. Last year he made the pitch for him to the voters.

                  Kyle Brandt grew up worshiping Elway and they talked about Elway and Bowlen’s relationship and the strong bond they had. They talked about all he did for the community and for the sport.

                  On the other hand, I saw none of it covered on Sports Center, including NFL Live. On First Take, they didn’t even acknowledge it off the top. Instead they talked about the NBA. I got disgusted and shut it off. They don’t even have the loop at the bottom.

                  EDIT: I just turned on NFLN at 1:00 pm EST and they’re still playing the Tribute package. And they’re interviewing broadcasters, past players and other owners.

                  I hope this makes you feel better.
                  In fairness to ESPN the Raptors did just win the NBA finals last night. It’s kind of a big deal. It’s not like it’s mid season.


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                    I always felt a special connection with Mr B as I became a Bronco fan the season he became owner. Of all the memorable moments of his ownership my favorite 3 will always be:

                    1) Mr B on the Cleveland sidelines with that big fur coat cheering on the team during "The Drive"...

                    2) Cutting Dan Reeves loose and keeping Elway instead...

                    3) And of course, the famous, "4 Words...This One's For John" speech. That has been and will always be the classiest thing an owner (any sport) has ever said after winning a championship.

                    RIP Mr will always be remembered as the greatest owner in NFL history
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                      Originally posted by Rastic View Post
                      Would love to see this happen .....

                      I didn't see the news until my lunch today, and was immediately saddened....

                      As far as I'm concerned he is the greatest and classiest NFL owner that ever was .....

                      I wish for nothing but peace for the Bowlen family ....

                      Thank you for everything you did with the Broncos organization, Mr. B!

                      RIP, Pat Bowlen.
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                        Rest in Peace, Mr. Bowlen. I'm thankful that he bought this team and held it to the highest standards possible.

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                          This saddened me when I heard the news today. My start with being a fan coincided with Bowlens purchase of the team and it has been a heck of a ride. There have been so many more ups than down thanks to his influence. He made his presence known, but never over stepped and let the players and coaches do there job. He handled himself, the team and operations with class. He built this team up to where it was a destination players would want to come to. He was an owner they wanted to play for. He put the team before his ego. He also worked to help grow the sport over the years. He was on committees and was a voice to be heard and respected. A little spark went out of the team when he removed himself from his day to day involvement with the team. His presence is still out there though, it's in the fans, the players who knew him, the city of Denver and Bronco Nation. I am thankful we had an owner as great as Mr. Bowlen was and that he loved this team s much as we did. May he be in a better place now.
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                            Guess we’re just gunna have to go win the Super Bowl for Mr. B this year.....


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                              RIP to a great owner.


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                                Originally posted by DevilSpawn View Post
                                I said this on the other Broncos board, but I wanted to extend it to my friends and rivals here as well.

                                I never respected a rival owner more than Pat Bowlen. From his fur coat swag to his daily operations making the Broncos a perrenial winner for the ages, he was truly one of the greatest owners of all time. It's a shame they waited so long to enshrine him in the Hall of Fame.

                                I remember the respect you all showed when Al Davis passed and I'll never forget that.

                                A toast to Pat Bowlen and my condolences to the Bowlen family and the Broncos organization.
                                He was a class act. Thank-you..

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