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Bouye suspended for 6 games due to ped violation

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    Originally posted by broncolee View Post
    Has Bouye been bad or are people just mad because he got popped for a positive test?

    I don’t think giving up a fourth round pick was a big deal. A fourth round pick is likely to be a solid back up at best. It’s not like they gave away an opportunity to draft a sure fire all time great.
    JMO, he certainly didn't play pro/all pro caliber but he was not bad. I think his availability due to injury wasn't what was needed to live up to expectations. Maybe some think that if he doesn't play all pro caliber that equals bad? I agree that giving up one of two 4th round picks isn't that big of a deal. I think the only way he stays with Denver next season is re-doing his contract to be a lot less. with the suspension he is not worth anywhere near 13M; not sure he is worth investing in period?


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      Wow another key player 'out' ......smh

      The beatings will continue until morale improves....