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Magic Johnson joining Josh Harris in bid to own the Denver Broncos.

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  • Magic Johnson joining Josh Harris in bid to own the Denver Broncos.

    What are the fans' thoughts on this? For me, as long as he wants to win, he'll have my approval.

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    I’d rather not. Magic Johnson has proven himself to be a distraction at best and something of a locker room cancer at worst. He’s a public face that everyone knows with a large platform and he will give his opinion whether good or bad to the media.


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      He’d be great as a owner. He has a large platform that would be great for the Broncos and the NFL.


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        He’s part owner of the Dodgers as well and they have been competing to win the WS or in the playoffs year in and year out.


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          I prefer my owner be seen and not heard - Pat B?
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            I prefer owners who are proven winners. Not owners looking to be part of a club. Pat B. & magic have different styles but both are driven to win.


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              Long time Laker fan. Seen Johnson at his best and worst.

              He can be a distraction. His interviews and comments in the media can be damaging. His over the top hyperbole can sometimes sound like a carnival barker on steroids. His desire to be “involved” can be downright damaging at times.

              On the positive side, he is a dynamic personality that people respect and gravitate towards. He is definitely a driven to win type personality. And most of all, the man is a businessman. He has created quite the real estate and business empire. When the discussion of a new stadium complex gets started it will be driven by Johnson’s vision of a surrounding development of businesses, residences and the idea of a “ gathering place” not just a sports stadium. It will be grand and Johnson will sell it magnificently!

              In reality, he will be a 1-2% minority owner. Yet we would never know it was not his project and team from his media exposure.

              I really don’t have strong feelings on the new owner. If Johnson is part of the group that eventually wins the bid, then so be it. But get ready if he does. He will be a new part of Denver culture, for better and worse.


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                Is he still part of the Dodgers ownership group?

                Wouldn’t that disqualify him?

                I wouldn’t be opposed to him as long as he’s not a decision maker.
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                  I like the fact that there are a number of potential owners, who are really interested in The Broncos. The more good offers we get the better, because it broadens the search and should improve the odds of a successful new venture. I do want visionary (but not too hands on) ownership, who have big pockets, and want the best for this organization.