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Lewis Hamilton joins Broncos Ownership Group

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    Originally posted by teetdogs View Post

    LIke I said, just a thought that popped into my head when I heard the news. Not that I think it would happen, just a random thought.
    When I read your post my random thought was that you've been 'mokin dope.


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      Hamilton overcame much adversity and prejudice to become a legend in Formula One. He's widely known in much of the world Not the most sparkling of characters but undeniably brilliant and single minded. Sure he had a dominant car but not so dominant that an average or good FI driver could have come close to the success he's earnt. I don't particularly warm to him, but admire what he's achieved.

      For sure he can raise the profile of our beloved franchise, but there is zero chance the Broncos would relocate to the UK... there's simply not the interest here, and I doubt ever will be.