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New uniforms in the works?

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  • New uniforms in the works?

    Team president Damani Leech has talked about the Broncos uniforms and has hinted that a change could be in the works. A poll was sent to season ticket holders to get some feedback.

    If so, I really hope they keep it classic and simple. But it's about time for a new look.

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    I got a poll via email too even though I'm not a season ticket holder. It asked about which primary and secondary colors you liked best, which historical Broncos style and logos you liked best etc.

    If they do make a change I hope it's a good one. Cool that they seem to really care about the fanbase's input.
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      My pure color geek would seek a metallic orange as main color and metallic blue as secondary. seen more than a few girls wear dresses I would post here if I thought it would be appropriate

      On a competitive advantage what color can be worn in Florida and reduce the amount of heat stress suffered by our players?


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        I would like to stick with the main orange theme. 20-30 years ago I would be the only person wearing orange any where I went beside Colorado. I we went away from Orange to Dark Blue because orange was not a color that would draw people. Today I see many people wearing many fantastic orange looks.

        I also like the older blue that was abandoned for the dark blue.


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          Click image for larger version

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          The new “Snowcapped” helmet was unveiled Tuesday and features a white shell, the classic D logo and an orange-and-blue stripe.


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            Awesome, classic Denver Broncos.

            This was the smart move to make. So easy.


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              Instead we get this junk. So dumb, so lame, weak and embarrassing.

              How do they choose this instead? Totally dumb.

              Say hello to the Denver Clowns....


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                Nice helmets

                No complaints
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