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Free Agent Thread: Kenoy Kennedy

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    I can't understand why Shanny would let Kenoy go for any other reason than money. Ferguson has been warming the bench this whole season if Kenoy does go, we will then have to sit and watch Ferguson adjust back to the speed of the game, i know he is a saftey but he will also have to adjust to the rule changes. If a guy who relies on crushing tackles to bring players down and he makes 90 tackles in a season 3rd on the team i think im gonna take the guy who makes the receivers fear going across the middle and with the help of Lynch he can flurish into a great saftey.

    Just 2 parts of the #1 defence in the NFL


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      Originally posted by Mat'hir Uth Gan
      Let Kennedy walk, let Lynch play out his contract at SS, being replaced with Ferguson on passing downs. Move Herndon or Middlebrooks (who played awesome this year) to FS. Walls is a very good CB when he's healthy. Alexander/LeSeur/Shaote give us depth in the nickel/dime roles, along with Chris Young at safety.

      Problem solved.

      Herndon brings good cover skills and great tackling ability versus the run to the Free Safety position. Its quite common to move corners over to safety and see success. In our case, this would also be economical and doable with the players currrently on the roster. But, our coaches are so bad with personnel, the thought probally never occured to them, they would rather overpay for some mediocre player as usual most likely.
      I think Middlebrooks SHOULD be a safety, he isnt good as a CB he has no quickness. Walls and Herndon are good CB's for #2 and 3. Chris Young is probably our safety of the future, he looked real solid in preseason, so once Lynch retires I'd expect to see Young starting. Herndon wont be a free safety. If Sam Brandon is still around, i think he could emerge as a godo FS cause of his size and speed, he just needs to get the mental part of his game down.
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      I tried to warn ya.


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        i for one would defenitley keep John Lynch instead of Kennoy Kennedy


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          It would be folly to keep both Kennedy and Lynch considering their similarities. This is a money issue. I agree with Lava in that we would be better off developing a player like Middlebrooks at the position or in my opinion, taking a chance with a mid-round pick. Kenoy is a proven player who will expect to get paid more than we want to pay him. We are already doing that with Lynch for the forseeable future (2 years). Except, John Lynch has great leadership quality as a league veteran. We just can't keep them both.
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            What do you think????????????????????????

            For the dollars and cents of it, and unfortunately this is what it all boils down to, I think with Ferguson and Middlebrooks (switching to safety) we would be fine. I base my opinion on the financial committment made to Lynch, not because I think KK isn't talented, only so much you can do. The big hit is fine as a deterrent, but there were many instances where the ball was tipped and the safety could have made the pick if he weren't so fixated on tattooing the receiver, keep one eye on the prize safeties, we need the ball.