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  • Receivers

    I've been thinking having a big, physical receiver would help us greatly in the redzone. Like a Marcus Robinson, Randy Moss, TO type of guy. One guy I was thinking of is Vincent Jackson from Northern Colorado. He is like 6-5/6-6 and around 230. He also played basketball in college like Antonio Gates did, so he has good body control. Anyone else seen any guys like this in the draft?

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    Yeah, Larry Brackins from Pearl River Community College. He's at 6'5 -- 220 pounds. He isn't the fastest guy in the draft, probably at a 4.5 dash time. He was highly recruited by the top schools in the nation and I don't know why he didn't go. He's still developing but has a lot of upside, but since he didn't play at a hard level, he might not be able to make it in the NFL. Whoever drafts this guy will be either really lucky or really dumb.

    Tony Madison from Kansas State and Tommy Manus from Morgan State are in the same boat.


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      larry brackins

      I have played against this kid in High School. He is by far one of the best athletes I have ever seen. The reason why he was not able to attend one of those major univeristies is because of his intelligence. He would be a great sleeper if chosen by any team. This kid is REAL.


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        Itd be great if we could get a wr like that in the later rounds