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Will we take a RUNNING BACK in this years draft or....

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  • Will we take a RUNNING BACK in this years draft or....

    will this be the first year in Shanahan's tenure that we don't select one? We have a logjam at RB, and we are loaded with talent so I doubt we pick one in the draft or get an UDFA like Cecil Sapp was in 2003. What do you guys think??

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    If he does, not till the second day.


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      With Bell, Droughns, Anderson, Sapp, and Griffin, we really don't need to waste a pick or clutter the roster with an undrafted FA RB. I'd rather see us stock our roster with some DTs and DEs and see what they can do.


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        I hope we don't because a.) we don't need one and wont for a few years and b.) there are far more important areas for us right now

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          Does a big black bear take a dump in the woods?
          Who ever posted this needs to think about his history!

          Mikey will always have extra RB's at least going into Training camp, he has stated on more than one occassion that you can never have to many LB's RB's and DB's going into camp.

          You have seen how many of each of those that have been hurt or on IR this year!

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            I know his history, but we are LOADED at RB and we are *****ty when it comes to our D-line.


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              Isn't the main idea of the draft, other than filling needs, to get the 'best' available?
              If that reasoning is true, and it's been proven that way for some time now, then I don't see why this year would be any different.
              If there is a young rb that shows something that Shanny likes, and is the 'best' available at the time, then WHAM!

              Besides, we lost Q, Hearst, Anderson,Johnson and Miree to injuries this year, leaving the team with Bell, Sapp, Rueben and Beaird.
              Would YOU feel lucky going into a season with those four only, if the others for some reason can't go?
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                I wouldn't feel comfortable with just those four. No. But I think drafting a rb when we could address major needs is silly. If anything, we can pick up an UDFA and get him cheap. I want to see the first 3 rounds go for a DT/DE/LB.


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                  He probably will but we don't need one. Def. line is what we need. Maybe a QB.
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                    I am 100% sure that Shanny gets a running back. He will draft one and trade one and also release one. Shanny is always tweaking the back field. He wont draft one before the fifth round though


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                      Probably, with the injuries we have just had in the past year, Shanny will be scared and pick a RB in the later rounds. Like the 5th-7th round. Probably not the earlier rounds. In the earlier rounds expect a DLman or a WR or TE or something. Most likely for the DLine.


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                        I doubt it maybe with one of our last picks


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                          definitley...over mikes history he has choosen at least 1 back in every draft....

                          I look for Bobby Purify (CU) to be choosen...i think he has the frame of TD (6'1 210) i think he is an ideal back for our system with great power and TD type speed

                          Purify's 40 time might now be that great but when he gets into the open he just has that pull away speed like TD used to have


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                            How can we be the running back factory if we don't pick a running back??? I aggree with some of you, we'll prob take one on the second day, we've got much more voids to fill with the early picks.

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                              I doubt we pick one with our day one picks. Maybe a day 2 pick! We have far more important things to think about.---a DE would be the first thing i picked! We also need to draft a kicker--Baker is brutal! We need to draft an O lineman also. This line is aging!