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    It’s all good for people on the Broncos message boards to say ‘sign this guy’ but the fans don’t make the decisions.

    My question is; if this guy is as good as people say, what are the REAL chances that he is on Denver’s radar?

    Because if he is as good as they say, surely Shannahan knows about him?
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      maybe denver doesnt know about him. he is american born yes but he is a rookie from the cfl. it may be possible that they have heard about him. he can make huge changes to the team. You would have to see him play to realize his skill and what changes he can make. It is highly possible that denver can pick him up
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        i just hope shanny doesnt ignore Printers for the fact he's a young kid from the cfl, we need a qb and he has the tools ot play in a denver system


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          Printers would be a diamond in the rough type of move. He's certainly a lot better than Ricky Ray (physically at least) Ray had a lot of talent around him and has great poise in the pocket.

          Printers is a different animal though. He's got a strong arm and great feet and I woudl love to see the Broncos take a shot with him. As for the guy who said how good can he be if he was backing up ****enson. Well the Head coach Wally Buano (sp?) had ****enson before and won a cup with him. He favored him over Printers and he paid for it.

          I figure what the hell why not take a shot on a guy like Printers at this point in time is there anythign else out there that you would want? I mean Kurt Warner came out of the Arena league to win who's to say Printers can't come out of the CFL and win. Warren Moon did it. why not take a shot how much does it cost you if you sign him and he doesn't cut it. I mean how much did Jarius Jackson cost the Broncos and what did he do.