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    Originally posted by Black59Razor
    Marcellus Wiley is as good or better than any of the other players mentioned in this thread...
    We had this discussion earlier, and I don't want to dig the statisitics back up, but Marco Coleman and Marcellus Wiley are essentially the same player. Wiley played more than Coleman and slightly better stats, but if you could ratio the performances over the total snaps taken, I would be shocked if Wiley came out on top. Wiley will not return to past levels of performance becaue he is past 30 and on the downside of his career. He lacks explosiveness and the lower body to hold up at left end, which is where he would have to play because he can no longer rush the passer.

    With your passion for Wiley, and desire to acquire Chad Brown from Seattle, I find it funny when you bash Shanahan for poor decision-making. At least come up with better ideas than this before you attack someone.


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      Originally posted by Black59Razor
      I think that:

      a) Your assumption that Courtney Brown of all players is better is least Wiley has done it for a couple of years....Brown has never done a thing except occupy IR...

      b) Wiley has a greater "ceiling", that is to say...he's twenty-nine and healthy.
      I don't need a bunch of stats to drive my opinion...stats don't always tell the entire story. Brown is younger, but he is already breaking down. Wiley was not horrible in San Diego, just not what the Chargers thought they were playing for.

      c) Again one of my better friends is a Cowboys fan, who knows what he is talking about and he thought Wiley got a bad rap in Dallas....again, he signed to make his father happy, but it turned out to be a bad fit. That does not mean he is done.

      If you qualify a player who is reaching the end, that usually means he is either breaking down generally, or has a chronic physical problem (like C Brown's knee)....neither of which are the case with Wiley...go ahead, discount him....we'll see where he winds up and how he does.

      Bottom line: He's better than Courtney Brown, who the Redskins are probably willing to outspend us on....and, as you mentioned, the others are Tackles....

      I am not infatuated with Wiley, as you suggest, just realize he is the best of limited options for the Broncos at this point.....

      He reeks of the type of cast-off player that the Patriots pick up...a player that has limited leverage, yet has ability and has shown the ability in the past to be a very good player, which he has....and no physical deterents...

      What exactly is his downside? He will not be expensive. He is an Ivy leaguer, so he is no dummy...he is not a character-problem guy...

      The best NFL teams find diamonds in the rough where others don't see them.

      Will Wiley be this type of player? Well, there are no guarantees...but as you probably have studied in Law School, the idea here is minimalize risk, and maximize potential reward......considering C Brown's health, and the fact that Wiley has played at a border-line Pro-Bowl level in the past leads me to believe the right place could allow him to excel...

      Call it an educated guess if you like...
      You are wrong again.

      Wiley will be 31 in the middle of next season. He IS on the downside of his career, because he no longer has the quickness he had three years ago during his productive seasons. He HAS had injury troubles with his back, which is likely what sapped his quickness.

      Oh, and I too have a close friend who is a Cowboy diehard, and he wanted to make Wiley his hunting partner, if you know what I mean. He was extatic to here Wiley would be shipped out of town, and he, like many Cowboy fans AND personnel, thought he quit on the team half way through the season.

      I guy in his thirties who has noticed a drop in his production rarely recovers it. It would be a loss of valuable cap space if he was brought in. Denver would be better off using the money on an undrafted free agent than on Wiley.


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        I would rather resign Marco Coleman then get Wiley. At least with Coleman, you know what you are getting, and he played well last year in his role.

        I don't think Wiley would come cheap. I think he would ask for a significant salary, if he could be brought in cheap, then sure, he's a stop gap.

        Courtney Brown's rookie season was very solid. 70 tackles, 4.5 sacks. His 2002 and 2003 shortened campaigns were decent-good. The only risk with him is health. The talent is there and he's a great DE. He just has to avoid the injury bug. But there is no risk on talent.