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    Originally posted by lobosfootball93
    I dunno, i think it would be better if we brought Alexander in, because then he could also help mentor bell, i forget though how old Alexander is though
    Alexander is in the prime of his career.
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      Originally posted by lobosfootball93
      Yea i still think we need to get some more offensive weapons though, rod smith will retire soon and i dont know if leile is ready to take the number 1 reciever spot
      yea i see what you are sayin, but the broncos have many other holes that they have to fill and they need to get their defense straight
      So by bringing in another RB, your WR/D questions get answered?
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        Well, atleast he has a record of being a very capable running back. Rubeun and Tatum have yet to show consistancy.When we lost Portis and Sharpe, we lost almost all of our offense.

        Originally posted by rcsodak
        So by bringing in another RB, your WR/D questions get answered?
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