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  • 3 Round Mock Draft

    1.49ers: Alex Smith,QB- With rebuilding stage this year the 49ers opt to select the best QB in the draft. This is a no brainer.

    2.Dolphins: Cedric Benson,RB- Alot of people have Ronnie Brown getting slected here by the Dolphins but it's hard to pass down 4 straight 1,000 yard seasons.

    3.Browns: Derrick Johnson,OLB- They could take Aaron Rodgers but Johnson is one of the best linebackers in the draft since Urlacher. Derrick Johnson will be an on the field leader from the first game and its hard to see Roman pass on a defensive leader like this.

    4.Chicago Bears: Mike Williams,WR- Braylon Edwards is another possibility hear but Bear fans are hard to please when you played for the Wolverines. Mike Williams will play alongside FA aquisition Mushin Muhhamad and the Bears should have a passing threat if Rex Grossman can stay healthy. Do not be surprised if the Bears go for a QB in the later rounds.

    5.San Diego Chargers(from TB):Braylon Edwards,WR- After a trade with TB which is likely the Chargers finally get the WR theyve been dreaming for. Brees now has a reliable deep threat and the offense is now more scary then ever.

    6.Titans: Antrel Rolle,CB- With the loss of Dyson and Samari Rolle this is a no brainer to pick up a CB here. They could take Adam Jones but most likely will be the Miami Hurricane.

    7.Minnesota Vikings: Adam Jones,CB- The VIkings lost Brian Russell and would love to have there revamped defense to see Pac Man Jones eating up recievers.

    8.Arizona Cardinals: Ronnie Brown,RB- Cardinals are lucky Brown fell this low and finally get a RB who can start from day 1. The Cardinals could also selct one of the CB's above if they are not picked, but should rather play it safe and select Brown.

    9.Redskins: Alex Barron,OT- The Redskins who had a terrible line in result of injuries should select Barron from Florida St. to help out the depleated running game which put Joe Gibbs at question. Clinton Portis should have no problem running at Alex Barron's side which is most likely RT.

    10.Detroit Lions: Erasmus James,DE- With Dre Bly and Kennoy Kennedy in the secondary it is vital to have a pass rush so these key players can make some plays. Erasmus James is the guy the Lions should select here.

    11.Dallas Cowboys: Shawne Merriman, DE/OLB- Somewhere during the first round, the Cowboys must address their pass rush by either adding a defensive end with pass-rushing skills or picking up a nose tackle that can occupy blockers.

    12.Buccaneers: Carnel Williams,RB- This is a no brainer for Buc fans as Chuckie fell in love with him at the Senior Bowl. They would of picked him at the 5th spot but got an extra 3rd round pick by moving down to 12.

    13.Houston Texans: Marcus Spears,DE- The Texans defense could use a guy like Spears on there 3-4 defense. Spears should give the Texans a reliable pass rush and frees up LB's on run plays.

    14.Carolina Panthers: Aaron Rodgers,QB- The Panthers struck gold at this pick as they get a reliable replacement for Delhomme. If Rodgers shows he can produce look for Delhomme to be one of the many June 1st cuts.

    15.Chiefs: Carlos Rogers,CB- They must go defense here if they plan to make it to the playoffs in 2005. They go with CB do upgrade there crappy secondary. They could also select safety Thomas Davis from Georgia.

    16.Saints: Thomas Davis,S/OLB- The Saints are one of the most inconsistent teams in the league, and they lack playmakers on the defensive side of the ball. The junior safety out of Georgia could develop into a playmaker at outside linebacker in the NFL,or if he can improve his range somewhat, he can be a very good safety.

    17.Bengals: Matt Roth,DE- Roth's stock is growing by day and his pass rushing skills would be critical for the Bengals team next year to help out CB's Tory James and Deltha Oneal to make the plays they are paid for.

    18.Vikings: Troy Williamson,WR- The South Carolina WR is the speediest reciever in the draft and with a CB in the bag already they hope to replace Moss with this speedy reciver.

    19.Rams: Jamaal Brown,OT- If the Rams trade Orlando Pace they shoudl definately select Jamaal Brown. If they dont they should still do the same and use is pass blocking skills to keep Bulger healthy.

    20.Cowboys: Travis Johnson,DT- The Cowboys could go offense here with a WR but they can pass up Johnson. He will be La'Roi Glovers succesor.

    21.Jaguars: Channing Crowder,LB- The Jaguars defense is already one of the best and will get even better with Crowder patroling at OLB. THey could also select Mark Clayton the WR from Oklahoma.

    22.Ravens: Mark Clayton,WR- Theyve been wanting a WR forever and they get one in FA with Derrick Mason and get another one in the draft.

    23.Seahawks: Brandon Browner,CB- Browner could become the NFL's elite nickle cornerback. This is the position he will play with Trufant and Herndon already locked up in the 2 corner spots. Browner could become a threat in the secondary if he played the same as he played as a Beaver.

    24.Packers: Brodney Pool,S- The loss of Darren Sharper makes Pool the one to be picked. This is the only way out of the wall they hit this offseason.

    25.Denver Broncos: Shaun Cody,DT/DE- The Broncos who are going into a 3-4 defense Cody seems to be the perfect fit at the DE spot. This will fill the spot left by Reggie Hayward.

    26.NY Jets: Antaj Hawthorne,DT- The Jets go D-line here because they cant sign John Abraham back and must fill the spot. Hawthorne will play DT for the Jets but will move one of there DT's to DE to fill the spot left by John Abraham.

    27.Atlanta Falcons: Mike Patterson,DT- The Falcons go DT here because of the losses on the defensive line this offseason.

    28.Chargers: Dan Cody,DE- Will play OLB in the Chargers 3-4 scheme and should fit right in as an agressive LB.

    29.Indianapolis Colts: Cory Webster,CB- The Colts make a lot of big plays on defense, but they remain soft up the middle. However, there isn’t a run stuffing defensive tackle or middle linebacker worth selecting here.

    30.Steelers: Heath Miller,TE- THe Steelers will be really content with Heath Miller. Heath Miller can block and is the best pass catching TE in the draft. Roethlisberger and Miller should be a great 1-2 target much like Vick and Crumpler.

    31.Eagles: Fabian Washington,CB- The fastest player in the draft joins the Eagles as a CB and should play good there. But his return skills is what the league will be raving about.

    32.Patriots: Cory Webster,CB- Cory Webster played a vital role at LSU with his great coverage skills. The Pats hope his skills will transfer over to the NFL.

    1.49ers- Chris Henry,WR
    2.Miami- Charlie Frye,QB
    3.Cleveland- Jason Campbell,QB
    4.Chicago- Kevin Burnett,OLB
    5.Tampa Bay- Darryl Blaystock,OLB
    6.Tennesee- David Pollack,DE
    7.Oakland- Odell Thruman,MLB
    8.Arizona- Andrew Walter,QB
    9.Houston(from WAS)- Elton Brown,OG
    10.Detroit- Kahlif Barnes, OT
    11.Dallas- Justin Miller,CB
    12.NY Giants- Paul Jefferson,FB
    13.Washington-Kyle Orton,QB
    14.Carolina-Roddy White,WR
    15.Kansas City- Ernest Shazor,S
    16.Packers(from NO)- Dan Orlovsky,QB
    17.Cincinati- Alex Smith,TE
    18.Minnesota- Demarcus Ware,OLB
    19.St.Louis- Bryant McFadden,CB
    20.Buffalo- Adam Terry,OT
    21.Jacksonville- Reggie Brown,WR
    22.Baltimore- Verand Morency,RB
    23.Seattle- Marcus Johnson,OG
    24.New Orleans- Garret Cross,TE
    25.Denver- Josh Bullocks,S
    26.Jets- Marion Barber,RB
    27.Falcons- Mike Nugent,K
    28.Colts- Luis Castillo,DT
    29.Chargers- Chris Canty,DE
    30.Steelers- Roscoe Parrish,WR
    31.Eagles- Eric Green,CB
    32.Patriots-Logan Mankins,OG

    1.49ers- Donte Nicholson,S
    2.Rams- Chris Spencer,C
    3.Browns-Courtney Roby,WR
    4.Titans-Sean Considine,S
    5.Raiders-Adam Seward,LB
    6.Dolphins-Chris Colmer,OT
    7.TB Bucs-Ronald Fields,DT
    8.Lions-Jovan Haye,DE
    9.Eagles-Dustin Colquitt,P
    10.Texans-Lance Mitchell,MLB
    11.Panthers- Jason Brown,C
    12.Vikings-Rian Wallace,OLB
    13.Rams-Matt Jones,WR/TE
    14.Saints-Adrian McPherson,QB
    15.Broncos(from CIN)- VIncent Jackson,WR
    16.Ravens- Ben Wilkerson,C
    17.Seahawks- Robert McCune,ILB
    18.Bills- Darrell Shropshire,DT
    19.Jaguars- Oshigomo Atigwae,S
    20.Jets- David Greene,QB
    21.Packers- Ronald Bartell,CB
    22.Falcons- Terrance Murphy,WR
    23.Buccaneers- Joel Dressen,TE
    24.Colts-Alfred Fincer,ILB
    25.Steelers-Ryan Moats,RB
    26.Eagles-Cory Webster L.S.U.
    27.Cardinals-Dan Bueninig,OG

    So how is it?

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    not bad, but there is a seperate draft section....


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      hmmmm i see ill take that into consideration....


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        Originally posted by DBattack
        hmmmm i see ill take that into consideration....
        Too late, the mods already moved it.


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          Why would Minn. want Pac Man when they just signed Smoot and have Winfield?


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            you've got your DE's mixed up....Roth 17th overall? Pollack in the second round?


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              If we got shaun cody and josh bullocks, i would learn how to do a jig, and then dance it.

              I like my defensive tackles like I like my women: well over 300 lbs.


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                Not bad u did your homework but i cannot understand why you would draft a s when you have lynch(GOD), Ferguson and Co. I would get a tall wr at any cost. the 6'5' williams would be on my radar if i had any say. this would start with rod and challenge lelie. And then a DE to offset and a TE and trade Putz to the jets for abraham
                thank god its football season again

                broncos and yankees--champions go together