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  • Super sleeper safety picks

    With the loss of Kenoy Kennedy there is an obvious deficiency in our deep secondary. Although Nick Ferguson can be an ample replacement, he is not the future and this is a great draft for safeties. I've got two players here that are fairly far down the list of top safeties but who could end up being very good safeties in the NFL

    The first one is Marviel Underwood from San Diego State (same secondary as Jeff Shoate) who is a bit undersized at 5-11 205 pounds, but he has been an impact safety at the collegiate level and the only real knock on him is his size because all of his other measurables are outstanding. At his pro day he ran a 4.38 in the 40 which is off the charts for his position, and had a 39 inch vertical leap. He's got great agility and, like Ed Reed he has the ball skills to not only go up and intercept the ball, but take it all the way back for a TD. He is not afraid to lay wood on players and won't shy away from run support. He will probably slip to the 4th or 5th round.

    The other guy is James Butler from Georgia Tech whose stock has been steadily rising since his big interception during the Senior Bowl. He's got great size to play either FS or SS at 6-2 212 and he also had a phenomenal pro day running a 4.49 with a 44 inch vertical leap, which is another phenomenal measurable, especially considering his tall frame and very long arms, he can fight even the biggest recevivers for jump balls. He has very good hands and very good intelligence. He probably will not be able to come in right away and start due to his limited starting experience but will be an immediate special teams contributor. He is a very good tackler and can lay the smack down when necessary. Can play the run well and is developing in his ability in coverage. He will probably fall the the late third round, but is a wild card and can fall to the mid rounds of the second day.

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    Yep, agreed.


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      My super sleeper is Jeremy LeSeur. The best part is he's already on the roster and won't demand a draft pick.


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        Originally posted by Mat'hir Uth Gan
        My super sleeper is Jeremy LeSeur. The best part is he's already on the roster and won't demand a draft pick.
        I think he'll make a wonderful cover safety, but the thing is, did we really move him to safety yet? I don't think Shanny is going to move him to safety. He's from Michigan, and he's my boy. But I would still like to see Marviel Underwood(Have him going to us in the 4th) over LeSueur, especially since we havent a clue if LeSueur will be a safety next season or not.


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          Originally posted by Mat'hir Uth Gan
          My super sleeper is Jeremy LeSeur. The best part is he's already on the roster and won't demand a draft pick.
          I agree that LeSueur would be an excellent FS, but I still haven't seen where management has moved him from CB. Due to our lack of picks it would make sense to move LeSueur to FS and let Middlebrooks and Shoate be our Nickel and Dime backs with Alexander and possibly Cox or a Free Agent(if any solid possibilities come available after June 1st)adding depth. I've been saying for some time now that I love the Safety tandem of Jeremy LeSueur(FS) and Chris Young(SS) in the future, and if management is smart they would not waste a draft pick on a S when they already have good young talent at the position.


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            Originally posted by DBfan4lyfe
            But I would still like to see Marviel Underwood(Have him going to us in the 4th) over LeSueur.
            We currently don't have a 3rd, 4th, or 5th Round pick. We should receive a 3rd Round compensation pick, which is at the end of Round 3, but that has not been confirmed yet.


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              My Sleeper is Jamal Brimmer UNLV who ran a 4.8 but holds that field speed that gave him 2 All American Awards..This kid is an Atwater clone to the fullest...He has great coverage ability and is equally as great against the run..This kid will be a great 6th round pick (yes he fell that far from the 1st round pick he once was due to a damn 40 time ..Anquan Boldin ran a 4.7 and is flying by D-Backs )


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                I got your sleeper safety right here:
                Jim Leonhard.
                Yeah he's short, but he's a wicked cover safety, and a good punt returner. Plus, i don't think it's unreasonable to expect him to be around come our 6th rounder.

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                  I've got a pair of sleeper safeties, too.

                  The first is Vincent Fuller from Virginia Tech. He is almost a Jeremy LeSueur clone, but he is much more refined at the safety position and will intercept a fair amount of passes yearly if he starts. As far as current NFL safeties, I would compare Fuller to Dexter Jackson. He's sometimes hard to notice, doesn't hit very hard, but he will come out of nowhere and pick off a pass (hopefully from Kerry Collins) and take it back for a score. I firmly believe Vincent Fuller will be a successful free safety and I intend to follow his NFL career closely. An early second day pick (if someone trades a 4th rounder for Pryce) would be a good spot to pick this guy. I don't think using the 101st pick of the draft on him would be a bad idea either if James Butler is gone.

                  The other is Diamond Ferri of Syracuse, who I have mentioned once before. He is a super sleeper, who has some talent and some downfalls. Based on film I've seen of Ferri, he is quick on his feet, able to change directions with ease. He would work well in a read-and-react defense. When Ferri intercepts a pass, there is a good chance he will end up in the endzone seconds later. He is an elusive runner, which is why he was also the return specialist and backup running back for the Orange. He merits a seventh rounder.

                  So, those are my safety sleepers. I'd like to see one of them in Dove Valley come July.
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                    In My Opinion we do not a 'hard hitting' safety we need a 'playmaker'. here are my picks..
                    Vincent Fuller FS Virginia Tech - he is projected to go at the top half of the third.he is probably the biggest playmaker in the draft, he excels in coverage and can cover a huge area. he is probably my # 1 safety pick in the draft for the fact that he is a polar oppisite to Lynch and he would get a lot of picks working with Champ. The problem is we dont have a 3rd round pick and I don't see him being there with our compensation pick. therefore we would either have to trade down to get him or trade up.

                    Sean Consiclin Iowa - he is a tad small but has a great nose for the ball, and is supposedly a sound tackler. he might be there with our compensation pick.

                    Jammal Brimmer UNLV - As mentioned he is slow but he has the skill set to do well. his speed drops him to the 4th round

                    Diamon Ferri Cuse - He is a project, I wouldn't mind blowing our 7th on this guy though as his potential is good. he was a former RB moved to safety, he hasn't made the full transiton yet and that shows in his technique, but his on the field skills are good. he makes good reads on the quarterback and when the oppurtunity is there he never drops an interception, he makes good hits in his tackles. His experience at Runningback make him a special player a t safety.

                    Mitch Meeuwsen Oregon St. - Strictly a coverage guy, not very physical 7th round pick.

                    Matt Grootegoed USC - Converted from LB to Safety and made the transition very well developed into somewhat of a ballhawk and didn't lose much in his physical aspect of the game either. still has a little work getting to know the position. reports show him to be a 6th round pick.

                    Junior Rosegreen Auburn - very small short and light, but if he can oversome that he has the skill to be an excellent player he is shown as a 5th rounder.