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Be lucky your in Denver

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  • Be lucky your in Denver

    I've spent every sunday the past 9 years in a sports bar watching my broncos. Unless i was lucky enough for them to play within 6 hours of Ohio. Made my first trip to Denverlast season. Watched them lose to the Falcons a mere 6 days after watching them lose to Cincinnati on Monday night football in Cincy. I can't wait to move out to Denver and fulfill my life long dream of being a season ticket holder. BE LUCKY YOU LIVE THERE! All i have here is Elways shrine in Canton to visit. See you guys when Sharpe gets inducted. Look for a reciever in Lance Moore out of Toledo. Kid is short,but he is quick and has nasty hands. Courtney Brown and Gerard Warren werent in the right system in Cleveland, jsut like Garcia. Denver is the right system for them. With our dominate secondary and exceptional line backers. a solid defensive line will surely bring us to a super bowl. Darius will get better, he's a MAC guy with alot of talent, Ashley has come up big and rod is sure handed. Tatum and Mikey A are too nasty. Jake will sure up his head and 16-0 sounds good. Sorry Don Shula, but no champange next year!!! GO BRONCOS!

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    Welcome to the boards man. it nice to see a postive new poster.


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      wow, now this guy is positive
      we will not go 16-0, but we can all dream big