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Final 1st Round Mock Draft version 1.0

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  • NZrichy
    Great mock draft Mat'

    Is Williamson really better than Mike Williams?

    Last year they were saying that if MW entered the draft he had Randy Moss like potential and could be the best WR taken in a long time.

    I know he has had 1 year off but he is a great athlete and I sure bet he caught a few balls from someone to get in shape for the draft.

    I would probably take Mike Williams if I had the choice.

    Also in regards to Rogers and Smith, these two had great pro days, do you not think maybe a team in the top 5 will take the gamble based on that? or are they really not that good.

    I dont know too much about the college prospects, not as much as most people on the boards anyways...

    I like the Broncos taking Spears though, I remember watching him 2 years ago and thinking he would be a good NFL player.

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  • Mat'hir Uth Gan
    16) New Orleans Saints select LB Thomas Davis

    Why: They need speed and athleticism at LB. Courtney Watson seems to be alright at MLB, but the OLB spots need major upgrading, especially the WLB. The team tried to get Ian Gold, but failed, two seasons in a row. This is exactly what Davis projects as, an Ian Gold clone at WLB. If so, the Saints would be ecstatic.

    17) Cincinnati Bengals select DT Travis Johnson

    Why: They need some help stopping the run up the middle. Johnson will give them that plus a penetrating presence providing some sacks as well. This is probably the easiest projection in the draft as Cincinnati is not even attempting to hide it’s preference to draft a run stuffing, pocket collapsing DT.

    18) Minnesota Vikings select WR Mark Clayton

    He’s certainly a solid slot receiver at worst and could potentially fill Moss’ vacancy as a starter. He also gives the team a return element incase the Vikings opt to trade Mewelde Moore as so often reported.

    19) St. Louis Rams select OT Khalif Barnes

    Why: They need a starter at RT immediately. Barnes is the last of the top tackles in this draft considered ready to start from the get go. Barnes also has the agility to play LT if Orlando Pace gets injured. Barnes is considered a very good run-blocker which bodes well for Jackson and Faulk.

    20) Dallas Cowboys select LB Shawne Merriman

    Why: He gives them the DE/OLB rover that they need to implement their hybrid 3-4 defense. He is a great blitzer and has the quickness to be success when he lines up as a DE. Merriman is also surprisingly solid dropping back into coverage.

    21) Jacksonville Jaguars select DE Erasmus James

    Why: They need pass rushers at DE. If Heyward were to be injured, they would be left to the wolves as they were last season. James can fill in as a 3rd DE or can earn the starting spot from Greg Favors, but either way, he will be a valuable pass rushing presence if he stays healthy. His health concerns are why he drops this far along with a disappointing Pro Day.

    22) Baltimore Ravens select LB Dan Cody

    Why: Thomas and Suggs are moving up to play DE in the new 4-3 defense. Boulware, if healthy, will move to SLB with Lewis in the middle. The team does not have a WLB. Cody is extremely good as making plays in space and shows ability at both OLB and DE. Thus, providing the Ravens with depth at two positions if not a starter at one. The Ravens spent a lot of time testing Pollack out as an OLB, he won’t be available here but Cody will. They are vastly similar.

    23) Seattle Seahawks select LB Channing Crowder

    Why: Crowder is a fantastic MLB prospect who is by far and away the top interior LB in this draft. The Seahawks released OLB Anthony Simmons earlier this season and have had a glaring need at MLB for a few years now. Crowder will go a long way in helping them to shore up the middle of their defense and prevent teams from gouging them with the run.

    24) Green Bay Packers select QB Jason Campbell

    Why: After his Pro Day and Senior Bowl, there are no more excuses. This guy is for real. He is every bit as accurate and strong armed as the top QBs in this draft. Infact, after his recent Pro Day, some teams might have him ranked as the best QB in this draft. He is certainly the best value and the Packers desperately need to develop a QB for when Brett Favre retires most likely next offseason.

    25) Denver Broncos select DE Marcus Spears

    Why: He’s a newer, cheaper version of Trevor Pryce. Or if not Pryce, then a Marques Douglas. Probably not going to be a big sack guy like Pryce once was, but if he does what Douglas usually does, 70 tackles 5 sacks, then he will become a fan favorite very quickly in Denver and be a very effective run stuffer at a position that desperately needs one. He falls a bit due to a very recent meniscus tear but Shanahan has never met an injury he didn't like.

    26) New York Jets select TE Heath Miller

    Why: They have no TEs. They lost one of the best blocking TEs in Becht. Miller is a great blocker. They tried to sign Denver’s Putzier to a big offer sheet desperate for a good field stretching threat. Miller excels in that role. He might not be ready right away due to his hernia, but he should be starting by midseason.

    27) Atlanta Falcons select DT Mike Patterson

    Why: The difference in the team’s defense when DT Rod Coleman was in the game and when he was out injured was night and day. This team must have a pass rushing presence inside and Patterson is the best pass rushing DT in this draft. He provides solid depth where the team lost two DTs this offseason and will provide insurance should Coleman get hurt again.

    28) San Diego Chargers select S Brodney Pool

    Why: In a division with so many pass-first teams and big play WRs, the Chargers need a center fielder who can provide coverage and ballhawking skills. Pool is exactly that. No players fits a team’s true need more then Pool and the Chargers. His weakness, tackling and stuffing the run is a non-issue in this defense, his strength, coverage and turnovers is all that matters.

    29) Indianapolis Colts select CB Justin Miller

    He is a top CB with great speed and coverage ability. The Colts have struggled when playing against other passing teams in large part due to the pace of the game. Miller will give them another quality CB to rotate in and out as well as play nickel until he takes over as a starter. The current nickel back is non-existent.

    30) Pittsburgh Steelers select WR Vincent Jackson

    Why: The entire town is in love with this guy and the Steelers have been talking him up as their choice as a TE/WR tweener. The papers have suggested they are considering him, Justin Miller (already picked), and Marlin Jackson. Since they have given him so much love knowing there is no way he’s available at their pick in the 2nd round, I’m going to assume it’s not a bluff and they are serious about taking him here. Jackson, IMO, is not a reach. He is faster, bigger, and more athletic then Mike Williams. He is very intelligent and was a leader for his team in college.

    31) Philadelphia Eagles select DT Luis Castillo

    With Corey Simon’s situation unknown and the position as a general weakness overall anyway, it makes perfect sense. Castillo is actually a mirror image of Simon except he’s faster, bigger, and quicker. Castillo is the most impressive DT statistically in this draft. He was a great player at Northwestern and probably should go even higher then here, the problem is he is not a proven pass rusher, but is great against the run and collapsing the pocket, just like Corey Simon, who the team wants to replace but can't until now.

    32) New England Patriots select LB Daryl Blackstock

    Why: Fresh off a great Pro Day which followed a very impressive combine, Blackstock is considered the best pass rushing LB in this draft. With the Patriots aging LB core showing cracks recently in their health, and their love of blitzing their LBs from all over the field, Blackstock is the absolute perfect fit.

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  • Mat'hir Uth Gan
    started a topic Final 1st Round Mock Draft version 1.0

    Final 1st Round Mock Draft version 1.0

    Most Pro Days are now all basically over. The pieces have fallen into place, the majority of FA is done. This is my rough final mockdraft, it will only change due to trades, FA signings, or unexpected occurences (injuries, drug busts, important new info, etc..). It's time we self-proclaimed draft pundants start tossing up some rough final mocks. (Razor, myoung, Broncology, koolaid, DPg, and anyone else). The first round is pretty easy to predict now. I'm in the process of evaluating the 2nd. Don't do any projected trades yet.

    1) San Francisco 49ers select WR Braylon Edwards

    Why: Tim Rattay had a 95 rating before suffering his forearm injury and eventually needing surgery. This was despite having absolutely no WRs and a terrible O-line. Add to that the defection of their best WR (Wilson) to the Steelers and its an easier pick then many think. The 49ers also have several young QBs on the roster from previous drafts for depth but Rattay has great potential if he gets some weapons. If the 49ers draft a QB, they will be in the same situation as the Chargers because Rattay is very good.

    2) Miami Dolphins select RB Ronnie Brown

    Why: They need a power back who can catch. Both Brown and Benson can do that, Brown is faster and has the best RB hands in the draft. Not to mention he has considerably less “tread on the tires”. No-brainer pick after his combine and Benson’s average Pro Day..

    3) Cleveland Browns select LB Derrick Johnson

    Why: Cleveland has a solid 3 man line but one 1 solid LB (Davis) and three question marks. Crennel is a defensive minded coach that knows how important LBs are from his days at New England. Derrick Johnson is the best LB to come along in quite awhile. With Luke McCown being drafted last draft and showing potential and Trent Dilfer guiding the ship until he is ready, there is no need for another young QB, especially when neither of the two are considered special. A QB here makes more sense then with SF though.

    4) Chicago Bears select WR Mike Williams

    Why: Thomas Jones was fantastic in his first year of a long term contract, all the Bears hoped for and more. They don’t need a RB. They don’t need a QB with Grossman and Hutchinson on the roster. What they need is somebody to pair with Muhammed to catch the ball now that they’ve released David Terrell. Muhammed and Williams are two extremely tall WRs that will drive teams nuts in the redzone.

    5) Tampa Bay Buccaneers select RB Cadillac Williams

    Why: They wanted Mike Williams, no dice. The pick becomes Troy Williamson, Cedric Benson, or Cadillac Williams. I’ll go with Williams due to the familiarity that Gruden has with him from the Senior Bowl and the absolute looniness that Gruden raved about him with. Pittman is serviceable and Garner’s career may be done.

    6) Tennessee Titans select CB Adam Jones

    Why: He’s the most complete CB in this draft and they need an immediate starter as they lost both CBs in FA and have no depth. Jones also provides a return element though the team may be too thin at CB to risk him there this season.

    7) Minnesota Vikings select DE David Pollack

    Why: They have no pressing need to sign a WR having signed up Travis Taylor and having the 18th pick in the first round to address the need. This is too early for Williamson though they have targeted him. Pollack is the best pass rushing DE in this draft, he also impressed at LB drills as well. He gives the team a young pass rusher to complement Udeze and Johnstone. Pollack is the quickest D-lineman that has ever been officially timed. (3.9 short shuttle).

    8) Arizona Cardinals select QB Alex Smith

    Why: Dennis Green is not sold on McCown and has released backup Shaun King. Alex Smith is the best QB prospect in this draft in large part due to his intelligence and scrambling ability. Arizona will trade Shelton for Travis Henry before the draft, count on it.

    9) Washington Redskins select CB Carlos Rogers

    Why: They need an immediate starter and Rogers is perhaps the most polished CB in this draft. He is firmly ahead of Antrel Rolle after his Pro Day “wowed” scouts. DE is also a consideration but the team has veterans who can at least fill in. They do not have any CB’s capable of starting, Walt Harris is a nickel back at best.

    10) Detroit Lions select OT Alex Barron

    Why: They need a starting RT immediately and someone to groom for the future at LT. Jeff Backus has been above average, but he is far from elite. Barron should be able to step in and play allowing the team to keep untested Kelly Butler as depth. The other choice here is a DE, but I think the need at OT is more glaring.

    11) Dallas Cowboys select QB Aaron Rodgers

    Why: Its obvious that Drew Henson is not going to be the guy. He’s old for a developmental prospect and Parcells does not think he is good. Bill won’t be around that much longer so this is more a pick for Jerry Jones who understands that the franchise must develop talent for the future. With two 1st round picks, Parcells won’t complain too much.

    12) San Diego Chargers select WR Troy Williamson

    Why: Having booted Tim Dwight and with the injury problems of Reche Caldwell, the team picks up Williamson to add height and speed to the WR corps. Williamson also has experience returning kicks so he can take Tim Dwight’s old role as he learns the offense. SD tried very hard to land Allen Rossom but failed, a KR is a need.

    13) Houston Texans select OT Jamal Brown

    Why: They tried to give the Rams two 1st round picks for Orlando Pace. Do you think there’s a need at LT? Brown is a very good OT, considered the best pass blocker in this draft, that will help protect David Carr’s blindside immediately or close to it.

    14) Carolina Panthers select RB Cedric Benson

    Why: With Stephen Davis possibly never being able to recover from his knee injury and DeShaun Foster in a similar situation with his injury, this team needs a workhorse RB pronto. Nick Goings was admirable filling in but he is not the answer. Benson has a lot of wear and tear on his body but he is good value at this point in the round.

    15) Kansas City Chiefs select CB Antrel Rolle

    Why: They need a lot of CB help and have said all along they are drafting a CB if the talent is there in the 1st round. Rolle is the last of the top tier of CBs and would immediately give the Chiefs a nickel presence. Look for him to win a starting job by midseason from Warfield if Law is signed. If not, he will be starting from training camp opposite Warfield.