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1st Day, Mock Draft Game....

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  • 1st Day, Mock Draft Game....

    I suggest we have a mock draft contest on this website, and we can compare it directly to Kiper and some of the other big names and see how we do with a true statistical comparison.

    We should just do the first two rounds only. Everyone who wants to participate would need to list (not explain the picks, just list) the players in the order they will be picked and by what team from 1-64.

    After the first day of the draft, we could total up the scores and see how everyone did, including all the top paid professionals.

    The scoring would be as follows.....

    You want the least number of points like in golf.

    Matching a pick and the correct team counts as 0.
    (Example: 2) Miami - RB Ronnie Brown, turns out to be totally correct, this would be 0 points)

    Matching the pick but a different team (from a trade) counts as 1.
    (Example: 2) Miami - RB Ronnie Brown, but Arizona trades up and drafts Ronnie Brown at slot 2. This would count 1 point).

    Matching a player and team, but in a different slot is 1 point per slot you were off.
    (Example: 2) Miami - RB Ronnie Brown, but Miami trades down to slot 5 and drafts Brown then. This would count 3 points.)

    Anytime a player is drafted by a team other then the one you projected, you take a 1 point auto hit, and then total up (1 point per slot) how many slots off you were from where you projected the player and where he was actually picked.
    (Example: 2) Miami - Ronnie Brown, but Brown gets drafted at pick 12 by San Diego. It would be 1 point for being a different team and then 10 points for being 10 slots off, for a total of 11 points.

    If you have a player listed that does not get drafted the entire first day, then you suffer 1 point from the slot you predicted to the first slot in the 4th round. This is bad, you don't want to whiff completely.

    Using this grading scale and only doing the first two rounds means we can have a winner after the first day is done. You would not do a 3rd round because it would be the buffer round for players not selected in the 2nd. Plus, you couldnt total up your score accurately after the first day if you did the 3rd round as you dont know if players not drafted were 1 slot into the 4th or out of the 4th all together.

    The lowest score would win. There is no prize, just for fun and to compare how you did against other Broncomania members as well as professionals like Kiper and other predicters.

    I'll make a thread a few days before the draft, hopefully we can get it stickied and we can all compete and see who does the best. Hopefully a few of us can clobber Kiper while we are at it.

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    awsome, looks like you put a lot of thought in to this, i'm in...


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      fun idea, interesting scoring. Will we specifically mark trades in our predictions as well?
      Maybe their would be a subtraction point for correctly predicting a trade, but you would lose that point and it would even out if they traded up to pick someone other than who you predicted. (example - you predict MIN trades up with CLE to draft B. Edwards, MIN drafts M. Williams, -1 for the correct trade, +1 for incorrect pick.) Just a thought. With the difficulty of predicting many trades, perhaps it is -2 or -3. Just a thought since trades will happen and cause everyone's points to skyrocket. Make everyone plan even more specifically which I hope we would anyway.

      Your call, either way, good idea, I'm down.


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        Sounds good, I've already got round 1 mostly finished. I won't even think about a round 2 mock draft until mid-April. Clobbering Kiper would make my day.
        A proponent of Denver drafting Cutler since 10/05.

        So naturally, my Adopt-A-Bronco is Jay Cutler!


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          Yea i've got my mock finished also, but it'll likely change 10 times before the draft...


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            Fantastic idea, I demolished Kiper last year.


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              Very interesting idea, count me in. What's the deadline to get all the mock drafts in?


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                Concerning Trade Speculation

                - I'm inclined not to try and do trade projections because they would add a variable that nullify the legitimacy of comparing the final outcome because most of the pros will not project trades so it would be unfair. The other reason is, while it's realistic and perhaps added fun, it would complicate the simplicity of the game by an extreme amount factoring negative numbers and addressing double trade downs and the like.

                Draft Posting Deadline

                - Just have it posted before the clock officially starts for the first pick. I will probably wait until the last hour so I can add in any trades or last minute news that might alter my projections. Do not worry about editing and altering your post if you submit early. Once the draft officially starts, I will just open the thread in a window and not refresh it, thus I'll have everyone's final mock with no chance of someone sneaking in and editing a pick after the draft started.


                - I will post a complete list of "professional" scores and all of us that compete. Since the scoring is quite simple, everyone should check their own scores and verify no error was made in my final tally.

                Again, I expect we will have no problem getting the "official game" thread stickied a night or so before the draft. This should be fun.


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                  Last year we had a draft challenge with the winner getting a subscription to Broncos Magazine. I have been enjoying that this year. I am going to pony up with a similar draft game this year and I will buy the subscription for the winner. I will be announcing the game a little closer to the draft though.


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                    For scoring Reasons we should have everyone put it in excel and email it.
                    I will definetly give it some thought.

                    Above I will list all my predictions for the 2005 season.


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             that it's getting closer to draft time...