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Eddy's 2 round mock draft...version 2

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  • Eddy's 2 round mock draft...version 2

    1. San Francisco- Alex Smith, QB, UTAH
    The niners need to start rebuilding. And right now their starter at the most important position on the field is Tim Rattay, not even close to an average QB. Smith can help atleast try to turn this team around into sumthin thats not a complete embarrassment.

    2. Miami- Ronnie Brown, RB, AUB
    I think the dolphins will try to trade down here, but if they can't find any good offers, then Ronnie Brown makes perfect sence. The Dolphins were playoff contenders with a quality run game, and picking 2nd overall in the draft without one, and Brown proved at the combine that he was the best RB available.

    3. Cleveland- Derrick Johnson, OLB, TEX
    In my opinion, the best player in the draft. He causes turnovers every game. This guy is all over the field all the time, and is a great blitzer, as well as amazing coverage for his position. Clevelands outside LB's combined for just 3 sacks, and 0 INT's.

    4. Chicago- Braylon Edwards, WR, MICH
    The bears may have recently aquired Mushin Muhammad, but one reciever isnt gonna do it. Rex Groosman needs many options if he is going to become a good QB in this leauge. Edwards would certainly open up this offence, and may even allow the run game to be a factor in the game.

    5. Tampa Bay- Cadillac Williams, RB, AUB
    In an time of abundant running backs, i wouldnt want to have to rely on Michael Pittman to carry the load, when the passing game is down. Williams, will open up the passing game, and allow Brian Griese to easily hook up with Clayton, who right now is there only recieving option. Williams kills 2 birds with one stone, he's a great recieving threat out of the backfield.

    6. Tennessee- Adam "pac man" Jones, CB, WVU
    With a game that so heavily favors recievers, a good corner is of great value. They had one in Samari Rolle, but had no choice but to cut him. Pac Man is a great cover corner, and this secondary probably won't miss a beat with him in...The rest of the team will though.

    7. Minnesota- Mike Williams, WR, USC
    The Vikings are certainly one of the winners of the FA period. But there is still a few things missing. Obvisously the biggest need is reciever, after trading their all pro WR, Randy Moss, to Oakland. Williams will certainlly not have the athletic ability of Moss, but won't have the off field issues either...A risk the Vikings are willing to take in order to go from an average team, to a dominent one.

    8. Arizona- Cedric Benson, RB, TEX
    So many needs here, i had a hard time with this one. They could go corner here, but i eventually went with Benson. Benson will finally give them a quality player in the backfield. Let's face it..Any team that has Marcell Shipp coming off of major surgery will not go very far.

    9. Washington- Antrel Rolle, CB, Miami
    After losing Fred Smoot, this is a huge hole in that talented redskin defence, that needs to be fixed fast. Rolle can come in and have an imediate impact on this secondary. The skins should be very exited if Rolle falls to them.

    10. Detroit- Marcus Spears, DE, LSU
    The Lions have spent their last four first round picks on offensive skill positions, and where has it got them? Exactly. Their biggest need is obvisously on the D-line. Marcus Spears is climbing up the draft boards after the combine. But they may be a little reluctant to take him after the surgery

    11. Dallas- Shawn Merriman, OLB/DE, Maryland
    Parcells likes these OLB/DE tweener types, and Merriman fits the discription perfectly. He's a premire pass rusher who plays very smart. Also a great drop back coverage LB. And has a lot of potential.

    12. San Diego- Troy Williamson, WR, SC
    DE is probably the bigger need here, but with Williamson still on the board, it's going to be hard to pass up. One of the fastest WR's in the draft, has pretty good size, a great deep threat. He reminds me a lot of Ashley Lelie when he plays.

    13. Houston-Alex Barron, OT, FSU
    Houston may have more important needs then o-line, but there really isnt a huge supply of saftys in this draft. The Texans were close to a trade with Orlando Pace, before St. Louis resigned him to a huge 6 year deal. And if they don't get a good pass blocking OT soon, Their franchise QB's carrer won't be too long.

    14. Carolina- Aaron Rogers, QB, CAL
    This pick may look a little weird considering they have Jake Delhomme. Jake is 30 years old though. Just an average QB..with below average skills. The Panthers might want to trade up for Barron, or trade down. But assuming they don't, it's never to early to get there franchise QB.

    15. Kansas City- Carlos Rodgers, CB, AUB
    The chiefs actually did sumthin in the FA period this year to help the defence, but still never got that corner they needed. Rodgers can come in and immediatlly make an impact for a team, he could come in and be their #1 corner.

    16. New Orleans- Thomas Davis, S/OLB, GA
    This is a great spot for Davis to go. Where he can play either SS, or OLB. Both huge needs for the saints right now. It'll be easier for him to make an immediate impact at safty, because of his size. He'll need to add a few pounds to become a starting LB in the NFL.

    17. Cincinnati-Travis Johnson, DT, FSU
    John Thornton's not a bad player at DT, but what this team lacks is a true playmaker on the front 7. Thats what Johnson can bring to this team. May have a little history of off field problems, but is IMO the best interior D-lineman in the draft.

    18. Minnesota- David Pollack, DE, GA
    This team really has know needs that jump out at you, but their defence could easily improve with a speedy pass rushing DE. This guy always gives %110, and has a motor that never stops, very athletic, and has a great character.

    19. St. Louis- Erasmus James, DE, Wisc.
    I don't see them passing on a player of this caliber, even though OT is a bigger need. They did resign Orlando Pace though, so i think they can look on the other side of the ball for the first round of the draft. James has some injury problems, but thats no reason to pass on him at 19.

    20. Dallas- Khalif Barnes, OT, Wash.
    This guy's stock has been improving a lot lately, and i think he may have passed Jamaal Brown as the second best O-lineman in the draft. I think there starting tackle is Kurt Vollers..nuff said.

    21. Jacksonville- Dan Cody, DE, OU
    Signing Reggie Hayward will certainly help this defence a lot. But they still need another DE on the other side. Cody's a great athlete, great pass rusher, and would fit in nicely. I think the best player available also.

    22. Baltimore- Mark Clayton, WR, OU
    This teams search for a solid WR core is finally over after signing Derrick Mason, a very under rated reciever, and then drafting one here. This will give Kyle Boller a few options, which he despritly needs in order to become the QB baltimore wanted him to be.

    23. Seattle- Channing Crowder, MLB, FL
    probably should of upgraded their LB needs a year ago, but better late then never. Crowder can make a pretty solid impact early in his carrer and eventually become the leader of that defence.

    24. Green Bay- Brodney Pool, S, OU
    This team is in bad shape so far this offseason. And there biggest loss was Darren Sharper, they'll try to replace him with Brodney Pool. Another option is Pool is off the board was to go with a o-lineman...

    25. Denver- Shaun Cody, DE/DT, USC
    Obviously our biggest need is D-line...This may change pending Cortney Browns decision, and weather we keep Pryce or not...If we keep Pryce, and get Brown, i think we'll trade down, or grab Justin Miller...but back to Cody, Good size for a 3-4 DE...Great athletic abilty, very explosive, and not a bad pass rusher either. Would be idle in the 3-4, and 4-3

    26. New York Jets- Jamaal Brown, OT, OU
    I had a hard time with this one...The Jets have a lot of needs, TE, or CB could also be picked here by NY...Brown is a great lineman who probably shouldnt slip this far. But he did in this draft, and if he did in the real one, the jets would have to take him.

    27. Atlanta- Anttaj Hawthorne, DT, Wisc.
    The Falcons are pissed that the Jets picked Brown just before them, so they decide to draft by need. And DT is arguably their biggest need. Wasnt Ed Jasper a jet? They could also go with a corner here but i decided against that.

    28. San Diego- Kevin Burnett, OLB, Tennessee
    After filling their WR needs earlier, they may go after a BPA/ Team need combination here, sence no other need really stands out. They could go DE/DT, OLB, or OT here. I think Burnett may deserve to go a little higher, but the chargers won't be complaining that he fell to them

    29. Indianapolis- Justin Miller, CB, Clemson.
    This one was very easy. Miller is the best player availble. And cornerback is obviously Indy's biggest need. Miller can help this defence into sumthin thats not a complete embarrassment compared to the offence. He's also a great return man.

    30. Pittsburgh Steelers- Heath Miller, TE, VA
    Would have tooken Justin Miller if the colts didnt grab him. Heath Miller is no doubt the top TE in the draft, and nothing will help Ben Roethlisberger (i spelt that without any help) more then a great recieving TE like Heath Miller. He has great size for a quick recieving TE. Plays smart, and runs great's hard to find sumthin i don't like about him.

    31. Philadelphia- Roddy White, WR, U.A.B
    This may be a bit of a reach but, i like White here. I think the eagles are in a tough spot here, with the best players at their position needs, are all not worth a first round pick here..I think they try and trade out of this spot, wheather it's up or down. Dosn't mean White won't be productive though.

    32. New England- David Baas, OG, Mich.
    They'd love to get Channing Crowder here, with Teddys carrer in doubt. But with him gone, they need some help on the o-line. baas would be a great addition to this team, and plus..he has a really scary looking face.

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    ROUND 2
    1. San Francisco- Fabian Washington, CB, Nebraska
    2. Cleveland- Justin Tuck, DE, Notre Dame
    3. Philadelphia- Marion Barber III, RB, Minnesota
    4. Tampa Bay- Fred Gibson, WR, Georgia
    5. Tennessee- Adam Terry, OT, Syracuse
    6. Oakland- Odel Thurman, ILB, georgia
    7. Chicago- Ciatrick Fason, RB, florida
    8. New Orleans- Demarcus Ware, OLB/DE Troy
    9. Detroit- Alex Smith, TE, Stanford
    10. Dallas- Josh Bullocks, S, Nebraska
    11. New York Giants- Luis Castillo, DT, Northwestern
    12. Arizona- Brandon Browner, CB
    13. Carolina- Ernest Shazor, Safty, Mich.
    14. Kansas City- Chris Henry, WR, Mich.
    15. Houston- Barrut Ruud, MLB, Nebraska
    16. Cincinnati- Chris Spencer, C, Ole Miss
    17. Minnesota- Elton Brown, G
    18. St. Louis- Marlin Jackson, CB, Mich.
    19. Green Bay- Charlie Frye, QB, Akron
    20. Jacksonville- Corey Webster, CB, LSU
    21. Baltimore- Ben Wilkerson, C, LSU
    22. Seattle- Darryl Blackstock, OLB, Virginia
    23. Buffalo- Mike Patterson, DT, USC
    24. Denver- Bryant McFadden, CB, FSU
    25. New York Jets- Eric Green, CB, VT
    26. Green Bay- Evan Mathis, OG, Alabama
    27. Atlanta- Lance Mitchell, LB, OU
    28. Indianapolis- C.J. Mosley, DT, Missouri
    29. San Diego- Matt Roth, DE, Iowa
    30. Pittsburgh- Chris Canty, DE, VA
    31. Philadelphia- Bill Swancutt, DE, Oregon St.
    32. New England- Reggie Brown, WR, GA

    Thoughts, opinions?


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      Certainly an interesting take on the draft. The 1st round is entirely possible. I think the 2nd round is a little out of whack. The main guy being Reggie Brown who is just behind Mike Clayton and a potential 1st round pick going dead last in the 2nd.

      I think for the most part though you've got the right 64 players, some just seem a tad out of place with where their talent should land them.


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        I'd be pumped if the broncs somehow found a way to keep pryce and get brown. I'd be even more pumped if they could add an impact player to their secondary and special teams like justin miller. It's gonna be exciting...


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          I have to say though, for the last 12-15 picks i was kinda rushing it, i had to get of the computer...

          and i think reggie brown could fall, it'd be surprising, but it definatly could happen. Theres a lot of quality 2nd round recievers out there


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            Originally posted by EddyMac87
            ROUND ONE
            25. Denver- Shaun Cody, DE/DT, USC
            Obviously our biggest need is D-line...This may change pending Cortney Browns decision, and weather we keep Pryce or not...If we keep Pryce, and get Brown, i think we'll trade down, or grab Justin Miller...but back to Cody, Good size for a 3-4 DE...Great athletic abilty, very explosive, and not a bad pass rusher either. <i>Would be idle in the 3-4, and 4-3</i>
            That's important. Based on the personal we may or may not aquire, the base defense could go either way. Getting a guy who is suitable for both is important.
            - [B]BroncoFanCanada


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              Originally posted by BroncoFanCanada
              That's important. Based on the personal we may or may not aquire, the base defense could go either way. Getting a guy who is suitable for both is important.
              Yes it is. Cody would be a pretty good DT in the 4-3, although he might need to add a few pounds. But if we do switch to 3-4, he's perfect at DE...I've wanted Cody at #25 for a long time now...


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                can't see jason cambell.... noway he is going to fall trough the second with the workout he did a few days ago...
                Your number one danish Bronco fan!!!


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                  Originally posted by Conrad7120
                  can't see jason cambell.... noway he is going to fall trough the second with the workout he did a few days ago...
                  I did think about him...i just didnt really see a spot for him to go...

                  this will probably change 10 times before the actual draft, so i may find a place for i said i did the last 12 or so picks in a hurry....