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  • Broncos 1st pick

    It is obvious that Denver needs help on D line and depth on Oline for the future. But at the 25th pick the best at those postions might be gone.

    Defensive Line
    Erasmus James
    Marcus Spears
    David Pollack
    Shawn Merriman
    Demarcus Ware
    Dan Cody

    Offensive Line
    Alex Barron
    Khalif Barnes
    Jamaal Brown

    These guys are the best at their postions. I know a lot of people like S. Cody, M Roth, J. Tuck, A. Hawthorne, and T. Johnson, but I don't think they are first round material. Any way this draft is deep with good corners with Pac Man, Rolle and C. Rodgers going high, but there will be some good DB's left at #25.

    Possible CB's or Safety's at #25
    Marlin Jackson
    Justin Miller
    Brandon Browner
    Fabian Washington -His stock is rising fast.
    Brodney Poole
    Thomas Davis

    If the are no good 1st round worthy lineman available then maybe draft a DB. All of these DB's should have good pro careers. Remember th AFC WEST is loaded with high power passing offenses of Oakland, SD, and KC. If any of the Lineman above are available we should take them, but what if they are not?????
    The three Keys to football
    1. Turnovers
    2. Field Position
    3. Red Zone Play

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    i agree, if the top lineman are gone....

    shanny should go with the best player for our system, then grab tuck or someone in the second


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      demarcus ware and merriman are linebackers in 3-4 schemes tehy arent true defensive ends. and you forgot some big names like roth, tuck and cody (usc)


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        I like Brodney Poole if he is there at #25. he is a good playmaking safety, his only drawback to me is he played on a good team which might show him as better than he really is. It is a high risk reward pick, if he is as good as advertised watch out, if not he could bust.

        another safety I like is Vincent Fuller out of Virginia Tech, he is a playmaker FS.

        The #25 pick to me if nothing is there should be traded to gain additional picks there is so much talent in the midlle of this draft especially in late round 2 and round 3, I would love to gain 2-3 picks in that area, where we could add a few solid starters, or find a gem.

        Many teams though are looking to trade down, I also would love the idea of trading up to the top of the draft and grabbing Mike Williams, I think our receivers are great right now but Williams, with his size and improving skill is something special. I have read several articles that say he has been a beast since he was denied eligibilty and has stated he is much better than he was two years ago. If thats true watch out, if it is a lie to increase his standings, he still will be an outstanding player. Mike Williams would be the answer to the other AFC west recievers and would be the cornerstone to our offense.