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Bronx - my final mock draft

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  • Bronx - my final mock draft

    1. San Francisco- Braylon Edwards, WR, MICH

    I think that rattay is a solid starter and has shown the potential to be a real good NFL QB and if they get a downfield threat who could be a true #1 WR for them then there O suddenly looks a pretty good outfit.

    2. Miami- Ronnie Brown, RB, AUB

    The obvious choice here, he shows good speed, power and hands and can be the focal point of an O, miami's biggest need is at RB and they have no money to go after a FA or trade and brown has pulled away and shown himself to be the best RB in the draft.

    3. Cleveland- Derrick Johnson, OLB, TEX

    Another banker IMO, cronnel likes his LB's and by changing to the 3-4 he certainly needs a playmaker to go with andra davis. Also, johnson is possibly the best player in the draft and they cannot afford to let him slip by here.

    4. Chicago- Mike Williams, WR, USC

    they have a good and young D, a good young QB and a RB that can do a job. i know they signed muhammed but after losing terrell in FA they could really do with a #2 WR and a real playmaker which williams has the potential to be. he is also a tough player that can go over the middle which compliments muhammed well and is the type of player lovie smith loves!

    5. Tampa Bay- Cadillac Williams, RB, AUB

    Gruden has made no secret that this is his man and i would be amazed if he went in the top 4, TB have been in desperate need of a RB for a few years and its about time they addressed this problem with a good, young RB with a load of talent.

    6. Tennessee- Antrel Rolle, CB, Miami

    I know, i know, jones has moved ahead as the #1 CB but i think that rolle will make a better pro and is a gamebreaker, he also has a miami background which could pull him ahead of jones. rolle is the gamebreaker and star is waiting that the titans need, although if they picked up a QB here i would not be surprised with mcnair ageing and injury prone.

    7. Minnesota- Adam "pac man" Jones, CB, WVU

    Dissapointed that edwards and williams have gone but i do not think that williamson merits a #7 selection and they have a good young crop of WR's along with a solid TE. after losing claiborne they could do with a LB but again, no one left is worth a pick 7 - they could trade down or if not i think they will select jones as they have mostly addressed there DL the last few drafts and a good young CB to pair with winfield would be a good move for them IMO.

    8. Arizona- Cedric Benson, RB, TEX

    Another good RB and the last of the top 3. not quite as good as brown or cadillac but still a very solid prospect. they could go QB here but warner is good for a few more years and i think they can groom or get a better QB next year in the draft or FA. shipp just cannot cut it IMO and benson is too good to pass up, even for rodgers.

    9. Washington- Aaron Rogers, QB, CAL

    I believe he is the better QB, contrary to popular belief that smith is better. he falls to #9 as i dont see a need anywhere higher and he is not a manning/rivers quality QB. the redskins need a QB real bad and this would be a good start as they can just make it simple for him and leave it to a good RB and D to win them games (very similiar to the steelers last year)

    10. Detroit - Alex Smith, QB, UTAH

    I think he is over-rated and is only a top 5-10 pick due to a weak QB class. however, they are becoming more and more displeased with harrington and in what could be the traditional shock of the round i see them selecting smith at #10.

    11. Dallas- Troy Williamson, WR, SC

    they could go DL here, espeically as they lack a DE and glover is ageing on the interior, its a little early for travis johnson although spears could easily be the choice here. i know how much dallas likes and needs a speedy WR (espeically on there fast surface) who can make plays and i think parcells is the man who could take a gamble on this kid.

    12. San Diego- Marcus Spears, DE, LSU

    The perfect fit for the 3-4 and will fit in nicely as the DE that they lack. he will get a few sacks and hold up against the run whilst taking blockers up. a perfect weight with decent speed and with no WR's of note left see this pick being a foregone conclusion IMO.

    13. Houston-Alex Barron, OT, FSU

    They need a good T to protect carr and with no glaring need (although some holes) why not take the best one?

    14. Carolina- Channing Crowder, MLB, FL

    I really believe he could go this high, his stock has been rising and the one thing the panthers really need is a LB, espeically a leader in the middle to compliment that great DL, they could possibly go OT here as well.

    15. Kansas City- Carlos Rodgers, CB, AUB

    The one thing they really need is a CB and he is the best one left. i think he is solid and could be there #1 within a year. i think they would be fairly happy and content with this pick.

    16. New Orleans- Thomas Davis, S/OLB, GA

    I think he will be a LB in the pro's as he has a good weight/speed combo to play there. NO needs a LB as bad as the chiefs need a CB so this makes sense.

    17. Cincinnati-Travis Johnson, DT, FSU

    They need interior help and in the 4-3 johnson could flourish, he does not merit a pick any higher and i will be amazed if he is not a bengal next year.

    18. Minnesota- Erasmus James, DE, Wisc.

    I think he will complete a very good DL and promising D. the best pass rusher and very fast which is always good in a dome. his injury puts him down to #18 but with williams taking double teams and udeze/james rushing one-on-one on the outside, LOOK OUT!

    19. St. Louis- Khalif Barnes, OT, Wash.

    Pace is gone next year and they need a successor at LT. Barnes is the best T available after pulling away from brown and a year at RT will then be followed by letting Pace go to FA and moving barnes to LT where he will be solid.

    20. Dallas- Demarcus Ware, OLB/DE Troy

    A fast player who can rush the outside really well and has decent coverage skills. they need a DL and he is the best fit. I think he has more upside then Merriman.

    21. Jacksonville- Shaun Cody, DE/DT, USC

    Hayward was a start but they need a big DE who can hold up against the run on the outside and this man is S Cody, they could take mark clayton here but i think cody is the best fit. Pollack does not fit the jags style of play.

    22. Baltimore- Mark Clayton, WR, OU

    They have committed to Boller which means that WR is still the most glaring need even with the signing of Mason. They will be pleased to pick up the talented Clayton at #22.

    23. Seattle- Brodney Pool, S, OU

    I thought there backfield was too slow all season and this was rammed home in the playoffs by the rams. They need a player on the DL but with no real choices left they move to there other big need, a playmaker and speed at S. with Davis gone i think Pool is the best option left and a good option at that.

    24. Green Bay- Jamaal Brown, OT, OU

    This is the last of the top tier OT's and with the 2 besy Safeties gone (a possibility/need) i think that brown is the choice. Espeically after the hit there OL has taken this offseason. Even if the Safeties were here i still think they go with brown as this area needs addressing in a BIG way!

    25. Denver- David Pollack, DE, GA

    what to do? Spears, James and S Cody have gone. Putz and the recent Alexander signing means that Miller should be a no no so where can we go? i think we could trade down (or up with pryce). If we dont then Pollack has the potential to be big and is a good gamble to take, although i am not sold on him staying healthy (which is why he has dropped this far).

    26. New York Jets- Heath Miller, TE, VA

    They play in the west coast O with a QB who loves shrt passing and is very accurate and to be quite honest Becht should be cut. Miller makes too much sense for them to pass on him, espeically with no other glaring needs.

    27. Atlanta- Anttaj Hawthorne, DT, Wisc.

    The top 3 OT's are gone so they look to need #2, the DT position. After Travis Johnson, Hawthorne is the best available and will be a force in the middle. espeically after recently losing Ed Jasper to FA.

    28. San Diego- Shawn Merriman, OLB/DE, Maryland

    I can hear you all now, HE CANNOT FALL TO #28!! well, every year someone falls and i think it will be him. there is not a massive need for smaller DE/OLB types. We have Gold now or he was a gimme for us. i rate Ware as a better player so he was snapped up and i do not see any team needing this type of player until #28 - SD. He COULD be a very good LB, i'm not sold on him to be honest.

    29. Indianapolis- Kevin Burnett, OLB, Tennessee

    Miller could go here as they need a CB but there biggest need IMO is at LB with no real gamer here they cannot stop the run. Burnett would be a start and a good valur pick at #29.

    30. Pittsburgh Steelers- Alex Smith, TE, Stanford

    The Steelers need a TE in a bad way to help out 'Big Ben' and with Heath Miller gone i think that Smith is a good Pick-up at #30, even if it is a little bit of a reach.

    31. Philadelphia- Reggie Brown, WR, GA

    I just do not rate there WR core outside of Owens, most of the gamers are gone and i see no glaring need for phili. Vincent Jackson is too much of a reach here and Reggie Brown's stock is rising so quickly that this pick would really not surprise me at all.

    32. New England- Justin Miller, CB, Clemson.

    Miller is the BPA and they need depth at the CB position, espeically with law going. With no real WR or LB to pick here i think Miller would be a solid selection.

    So what do you all think?

    I dont see much college football in England but this is going off what i saw live, highlights and draft analysis from diferent sources.

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    Very nice draft...although i don't like the denver pick...


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      Interesting. This is funny enough the first mock draft I've looked at all year.


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        Originally posted by EddyMac87
        Very nice draft...although i don't like the denver pick...

        Denver would be extremely lucky to get Pollack. I don't think they could even trade up to get him.
        Go Huskers.


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          Originally posted by Nick7
          Denver would be extremely lucky to get Pollack. I don't think they could even trade up to get him.
          yes, pollack most likely won't be there at 25...but he's not the type of DE 3-4 defences look for...if infact we are officially switching to it...


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            I am impressed i think you did a really good job with this draft!


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              Originally posted by Caliraiderhater
              I am impressed i think you did a really good job with this draft!
              thanx man


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                its a good draft but minnesota wont get pacman, they got fred smoot to start opposite winfield


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                  Originally posted by cdawg1001
                  its a good draft but minnesota wont get pacman, they got fred smoot to start opposite winfield
                  winfields getting up there in age and will be too much against the cap in a few years, the rookie could start as a nickle and then start in a few years


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                    detriot has banked on harrington. they also brought in garcia to back up . they arent going for alex smith. i think your draft is well thought out and does make sense but i dont see a lot of the picks happening. however nice work..


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                      Originally posted by Reichert113
                      detriot has banked on harrington. they also brought in garcia to back up . they arent going for alex smith. i think your draft is well thought out and does make sense but i dont see a lot of the picks happening. however nice work..
                      thanx bud