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Interesting prospect for San Diego

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  • Interesting prospect for San Diego

    I was just reading ESPN and since SD's fate is directly tied to our own, I thought I should post this here. There is speculation that San Fran may trade their number 1 pick for Phillip Rivers, since he is expected to be a much better QB than those in the draft this year.

    Three number 1 picks for SD. Man...we're screwed.

    P.S. After the Eli Manning screw job last year, though, I feel like good Karma has come back to the Chargers. At one point when Rivers was holding out, Eli jetted for the Giants, it looked like the Chargers were eternally damned to bad luck. But Brees stepped up big time and the rest is history. So good for them! Bad for us!

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    link please !
    The one, the only Broncos !!!


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      try this, though I think it is an "insider" article so if you don't pay for that service you may not get it. The article says it is a rumor for now that makes good sense for both sides, but may not come to fruition.


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        I couldn't find the link, but I also read that this morning. Since the Chargers have Drew Brees, they trade Phillip Rivers for the 49ers #1 pick. Rivers is projected to be a better player than any of the QB's coming out this year, so this is a plus for the 49ers.

        If I were San Diego I wouldn't do this however, and I don't think they will. Brees has had 1 good year, but Rivers was projected to be a franchise QB when he came out. If there hadn't been a QB named "Manning" in the draft, he might have been the #1 overall pick. Who knows how good he could be 3-4 years from now? Is Braylon Edwards such a sure-fire can't miss pick that you give up a guy who might turn out to be BETTER than Brees?

        I'd keep both of them, work Brees out this pre-season and see what he can do in practices over the season. THen, if I were convinced that Brees had greater long-term potential, I'd trade Rivers after the season otherwise, I'd trade Brees next year.

        You might look like a chimp a few years from now when Rivers is in the pro-bowl and Brees regresses to mediocre (just remember that Brian Griese made the pro-bowl 1 year too)! How stupid would Shanahan look now if he had given up a player like Rivers, counting on Griese to be the QB of the future?

        On second thought. . . don't answer that!