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    I just read on that courtney brown has agreed to a multi-year deal with the broncos. personally i like the move. Regarding the draft, I would move up in the second by packaging picks. basically, i think the broncos need a DE/DT tweener (like pryce when he's healthy) and also a CB. i think a top corner next to Baily makes him better b/c other teams arent picking on him. i say move up in the 1st round with a similar trade to last year (maybe our 1st and pryce or droughns for another teams 1st) then take the best d-lineman with the 2nd round pick. b/c the broncos use smaller lineman, we can address that need much later in the draft.

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    To me there are two things i would like for us to do with our first pick and our overall draft either
    Trade our first pick to move down to anywhere from the middle 2nd to the 4th, and maybe even some more 7th rd picks, I believe around this area there is a lot of talent and a pool of players who would be solid starters and possible pro-bowlers. This would be good and I think a little depth would help us finish the season stronger than we have the last few years. I think if we did this we should draft a playmaking safety, a defensive end, a gaurd, a punter, adrian mcpherson, possibly a corner, a wide reciever, or a tackle, and if Jeb is traded a tight end.

    but everyone wants to trade down in this draft so my other choice would be...

    to trade up to the top 10 of the first round and draft Mike Williams, he had a year out of football but is such a force. He alone would make the team better, he would be the cornerstone of our offfene for the future(along with Tatum) and would take the pressure off Jake, Leile, and possibly lengthen Rod's Career due to less hits. I just think he is really something special and would be worth the move. this to me would have to be a draft day trade because if he is drafted in the top 3 or even top 5 it might not be possible.

    staying at #25 i almost want to say is too risky, whoever is picked is given high expectations and especially in this draft this is the area where you find many teams reaching, there are a few picks I could see us making at #25 which might be justifiable but especially with the Dlinemen this year you don't know who is going to be picked ahead of you. Brodney Pool the FS from Oklohoma would come in and start right away I think and will be around at number 25, he is the best FS in the draft as of now. and I have a feeling Heath Miller will fall to us at 25 and if Jeb is traded he would be a good pick for the Broncos and the system.

    In regards to the new Cleveland Defensive line we have, I like the moves. Shanahan is doing the right thing here, almost every team in the NFL is looking to bolster thier D-line (probably due to the new illegal contact rule) and many teams are waiting until the draft to address these needs, that means the dlineman we want might not fall to us in the first round and we would be stuck with justin Tuk or something. Shanny just doesn't want to put all his eggs in one basket and be forced to draft a DL in the first. The moves put us in better position to draft the Best player available and who knows who it will be.