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  • Some Day 1 Scenarios...

    I still believe Denver should look d-line in the first rd. because the talent on the line does not run very deep all throughout the draft. There is a major drop off after the first day. Despite my opinion, and many of yours that the Broncos need to go d-line still in rd. 1, it is very possible they will address another need, especially after hearing Larry Coyer's answers and Shanahan's history of not picking what everyone believes he needs to. Anyway, here are a few day one scenarios with different positions addressed in the 1st. Just possibilities.

    1. Mike Patterson, DT, USC 1. Justin Miller, CB, Clemson
    2. B. McFadden, CB, FSU 2. Jonathan Babineaux, DT, Iowa
    3. B. Swancutt, DE, OSU 3. Jovan Haye, DE, Vandy
    3. M. Munoz, OT, TEN 3. Jonathan Welsh, DE/OLB, WISC

    1. Marcus Spears, DE/DT, LSU 1. Khalif Barnes, OT, Wash
    2. Evan Mathis, OG/OT, Alabama 2. Jonathan Babineaux, DT, Iowa
    3. Ronald Bartell jr. CB, Howard 3. Mark Bradley, WR, OKL
    3. Bill Swancutt, DE, OSU 3. Jonathan Welsh, DE/OLB, WISC

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    I would be fine with any of those 8 drafts.


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      I like them all Jlet, but really like your last one. I can't help but have an afinity for offensive tackles, but the rest of your picks on that draft solve several key areas as well on the first day. I've been looking into players like Jonathan Welsh, Derek Wake, David McMillan, Trent Cole, Eric Moore, Jonathan Jackson and Andre Frazier to see what type of pass rush potential they may have. All are undersized and may lack a future as a starting end or 'backer, but they all possess the ability to get after the quarterback. At the very least, the team needs a defensive end to play in a rotation with Ekuban, and provide insurance should he fail to heal properly. Welsh, Cole and Wake are possibly the best candidates to play that 3rd down role, with the most potential to make something more out of their opportunity. You can never have enough pass rushers anyways.

      P.S. A late round/undrafted prospect to keep an eye on would be Van Brown. Brown has every down size and athleticism, with an NFL pedigree (brother Chad plays for the Seahawks). He also is a major head case that has yet to show interest in the game. If he ever put it all together, he could be very good, but at this stage of his career he has a lot of personal questions to answer. Nonetheless, remember the name, it could be worth looking into.


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        Ohno, Thanks for the feedback, I'm sure you have as good a view as any from your vantage point of Van Brown. I can't say I know a whole lot about him other than he was Chad's brother and had some good potential. I looked into him further and didn't find much as far as scouting on him. Looked like he had really been around though trying to catch his feet ever since high school. Great measurables though and pretty good speed. I'll trust your judgment as far as a late round sleeper and I'll keep an eye out.

        I agree with you on the last draft scenario, it's probably my most desired as well. If Denver was able to land Barnes, I think it would be as solid a move as any, a big IF though I suppose coming from 25. Babineaux probably isn't too far behind most of the d-lineman we could get in the first at 25 in regards to what we need, and you have to respect the program Ferentz has put together, especially for NFL systems. I chose Welsh because he might have the very potential that you already alluded too and in thinking he could be a good special teams contributor to boot as he finds his role and becomes more polished.

        I think Bradley is an ideal receiver to come up under R. Smith and could bring another capable component to the return game. Probably could go higher than our comp. picks, but I feel like he might slip since some of the receivers were able to boost their stock with workouts alone. Bradley just hasn't had the buzz of late and I think that could be to Denver's benefit. We'll see.


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          When I would watch Bradley at Oklahoma games, I always wished he was a junior, because had he had one more year, he could have built up more hype and solved some consistency issues to move into round one. As of now, he is similar to Ashley Lelie, but more physical over the middle. I think he would be a great third round project/special teams contributor.

          The thing about Van Brown is you just don't know how much he wants it, because he can't stay in one place. For this reason, I believe he goes undrafted. He does have the measurables and senior year production to go as high as the fifth round, to a team willing to take on a major risk. Perhaps if he is there in the seventh I'd take him, but would rather we bring him in as a UFA, and make him prove to everyone he is serious about football.