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    Everyone's been all about Demarcus Ware because he had a good workout and Mel Kiper is all about him, but I really don't think he'd be a good pick. He did all of his damage at 220 pounds and is now carrying 30 extra pounds and is still too small to play as an every down DE in the NFL. Everyone wants him as an OLB, but were completely set at OLB and we're not even using the 3-4. He is not strong enough to be a good DE and it's too east to fall in love with great athleticism.

    However, if you want to total package, you need to look at a guy no one's been thinking of, Justin Tuck, the DE from Notre Dame. He is an absolute MONSTER and has slipped because of a late season injury and his inability to work out up to his full potential. He set the Notre Dame single season and career sack record, which means he did it up against top competition and linemen every game. He has excellent size at 6-5 268 and had a 39 inch vertical and ran a 4.7 despite only being a few months removed from an injury. He is a monster athlete and has long arms and is strong enough to overpower any lineman as well as fast and quick enough to outrun them. And in case you don't think he's athletic enough, here's an interview he had with ign to let you know what kind of guy and player he is.

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    Thank a lot, man. I've been meaning to start a similar thread about Justin Tuck being a better choice than Demarcus Ware. He's bigger than Ware; actually big enough to play defensive end, but he is still a possible linebacker. Aside from speed, his measurables are better than Ware's. And as you said, he played against the best teams in all of college football. Even more impressive is that career sack record you mentioned, considering he's leaving as an underclassman.

    Though Tuck has first round credentials, I don't really see where he fits in. I have him going to the Browns with the third pick in round two. I would love it if we were to trade down from #25 and take Tuck, and add another later pick in the process. And at #56, I would want to see us take whoever remains out of Cody, Babineaux, Hawthorne, Castillo, and Mosley. That would solidify the future of the defensive line.
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      Either Way

      I agree with you guys. Ware is the trendy pick for the Broncos. I remember watching tuck play my huskies. Can't remember if my man Khalif Barnes was injured or not, but tuck was a machine. I'd be happy with either guy, but we'd probably have to spend our first rounder on ware. Realistically, Tuck probably won't be there at our spot in rd. 2 so we'd probably have to trade up. Don't forget about the other guys though (jonathan welsh, jovan haye, derek wake). There are a lot of options for us out there, and we don't neccesarily have to go d-line in rd. 1 anymore, although we still should. There are more than a couple athletic de/olb tweeners that we could pick up at a good value.
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