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  • Mock Draft 2005

    1- San Francisco 49ers - Aaron Rodgers QB Cal
    Califronia boy becomes the hometown hero

    2- Miami Dolphins - Cedrick Benson RB Texas
    Decide 4 years of 1,000 yards is more insurance than 1 for Ronnie Brown

    3- Cleveland Browns - Alex Smith QB Utah
    Cleveland decides a franchise QB is more valuable then a franchise WR

    4- Chicago Bears- Ronnie Brown RB Auburn
    Think about taking Braylon Edwards but, decide that the signing of Muhamad means a RB is in need

    5- Tampa Bay Bucs- Braylon Edwards WR Michigan
    Keyshawn is on the ropes so they need a playmaking reciever

    6- Tennesse Titans- Antrelle Role CB Miami
    Loss of one Rolle means bring in the next

    7- Minnesota Vikings- Mike Williams WR USC
    Losing Moss will be easily forgotten when they draft this stud from USC

    8- Arizona Cardinals- Derrick Johnson OLB Texas
    Trading for Travis Henry gives Denny Green the green light for defense

    9- Washington Redskins- Adam Jones CB West Virginia
    Bye - Bye Smoot hello Mr. Jones

    10- Detriot Lions- Dan Cody DE Oklahoma
    Signing Keon Kennedy allows them to go after a DLineman rather than a safety

    11- Dallas Cowboys- Shawne Merriman OLB Maryland
    Loss of Dexter Coakley hurt their defense, they address this need with 1 of their first round picks

    12- San Diego Chargers- Eramus James DE Wisconsin
    Between Marcus Spears LSU and Eramus James Wisconsin but, a surperb senior season gives James the edge

    13- Houston Texans- Alex Barron OT FSU
    Tony Bossielli never played a game for the Texans so they never had that Pro Bowl tackle they were looking for

    14- Carolina Panthers- Carnell Williams RB
    With injuries to Davis and Foster last year Panthers decide to get the man for the future also decide to take best athlete avaible

    15- Kansas City Chiefs- Demarcus Ware OLB/DE Troy State
    In my opinion a bad pick but if they make the trade for Patrick Surtain then they won't need another CB

    16- New Orleans Saints- Thomas Davis S Georgia
    Time the Saints decide that defense is how they will get in the playoffs

    17- Cincinnati Bengals- Travis Johnson DT FSU
    Need a DT to help anchor a struggling defensive line

    18- Minnesota Vikings- David Pollack DE Georgia
    The Vikings learned it takes more than offense to win in this league they make a great decision and take a work horse in Pollack

    19- St Louis Rams- Carlos Rogers CB Auburn
    Decide to take what they think is the best avaible athlete, whoops!

    20- Dallas Cowboys- Marcus Spears DE LSU
    The loss of Wiley is bigger than people think, they go to the SEC to find a nice replacement

    21- Jacksonville Jaguars-Troy Williamson WR South Carolina
    Stealing the Ravens pick they are doing this cause of Jimmy Smiths age and Troy Edwards lack of production

    22- Baltimore Ravens- Mark Clayton WR Oklahoma
    Need a playmaker at reciever and go to Oklahoma to find one

    23- Seattle Seahawks- Shaun Cody DT/DE USC
    Versitlity is what makes Cody a good fit fo the Seahawks orginially wanting Pollack their party is ruined by the Vikings pick 18

    24- Green Bay Packers- Charlie Frye QB Akron
    Early yes, but may become a superstar because he is going to learn from the best

    25- Denver Broncos- Marlin Jackson CB Michigan
    Shanny makes up for his troubles with taking CBs early Jacksons a keeper

    26- New York Jets- Heath Miller TE Virgina
    Last time the Jets had a chance at a TE like this was with Bubba Franks, they don't let this one pass

    27- Atlanta Falcons- Anttaj Hawthorne DT Wisconsin
    With Cody and Johnson gone the Falcons decide that Hawthorne would be a good fit to play inside of All Pro DE Patrick Kerney

    28- San Diego Chargers- Khalif Barnes OT Washington
    Depth at oline is a big concern for the Chargers, they decide to use their second 1st rounder to try to grab the best OT avaible

    29- Indianapolis Colts- Channing Crowder MLB Florida
    Defense is what the Colts need to get over the hump and to be a good defense you need to be stout up the middle

    30- Pittsburgh Steelers- Jamal Brown OT Oklahoma
    Decide to take the most valuable player on the board

    31- Philadelphia Eagles- Matt Jones ATH Arkansas
    Decide he is worth a first round pick

    32- New England Patriots- Fabian Washington CB Nebraska
    Surprised by the Jets passing him they Pats gobble him up and make him into the next Ty Law NOTTTTTT
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    Carnell Williams may only be the number 2 or 3 RB prospect, but I find it unlikely to impossible that he isn't picked in the first round.


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      Portis missed the first round.


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        If only 2 RB's are taken in the first round, Benson will be left out..

        Troy Williamson will probably not go that high...

        No team will be stupid enough to take Matt Jones in the first...and i think the packers could get Frye with their second round pick...

        thats all for now..


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          Matt Jones is going to go first round everyone is soo high on him. Even Mel Kiper is predicting late 1st round. Also Frye is gonna go to the Pack in the first round cause they don't wanna chance it in the 2nd. They are going to take Frye over Campbell in the 1st.. you heard it hear 1st!