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Dustin Colquitt (article on PK/Punters)

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  • Dustin Colquitt (article on PK/Punters)

    just read an article on sportsline

    4. Dustin Colquitt, P, Tennessee
    The skinny: Should be the first punter drafted. All-SEC choice who has great size and a terrific leg, but his average dropped last year from 45.3 a kick in '03 to 40.8.

    Colquitt. No question, he's the most talented punter, but he's erratic, is not what scouts call a hard worker and is, according to one NFL assistant, "not mentally tough."
    apparently hes good but not as great as everyone makes him out to me
    and theres nothing worst than an erratic punter really
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    I actually go to Ut and last year he was absolutely ytearing it up, and then this year he just played poorly. I htink he came out and said he was hurt but who knoiws if that is true.